Join re-enactors from Gosport Living History Centre at Portsmouth Museum on 23 July from 10.30-4.30 as they get lost in time in a 17th Century village.

You can step back to 1642 and life in Little Woodham village on the brink of the English Civil War to understand how ordinary people lived at the time and see if you know your Royalists from your Roundheads. 

Village folk including the local blacksmith will be on hand for demonstrations, catch up on local gossip of the day and see spinning, weaving, button making and wood carving. 

You can also try your hand at our timeline, handle real archaeological artefacts and play 17th century games such as quoits and skittles.

Join the Hampshire Finds Liaison Officer will also be on hand (between 2-4.30pm) to get close to archaeological finds and discover more about the portable antiquities scheme.