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Portsmouth City Council has reviewed requests for residential parking zones (RPZs) and drawn up plans to extend the programme to further areas of the city, if residents say they want them.

The plan proposes a rolling programme of residential parking consultation across areas where requests have been made. To ensure the programme is delivered effectively and swiftly, the council is proposing three work streams that run alongside one another. Two work streams focused on the potential for extending the M and H residents parking zones in the south and centre of the island. Alongside this, a third work stream would continue to review existing zones and make improvements where they are needed by residents. When either of the first two work streams complete other requests for new zones would be looked at elsewhere in the city.

Parking issues vary from location to location and the particular needs of an area need to be considered when developing a residents parking scheme. When a new zone is implemented it can lead to vehicles displacing into adjacent areas. The rolling programme allows the individual needs of each area to be considered and provides a way of dealing quickly with any issues created by the introduction of a new parking zone, along with other parking problems that may have already existed in that area.

Improving air quality by making parking spaces more readily available for residents and by encouraging residents to make more environmentally friendly choices are key to the proposed scheme improvements. These include:

  • Free first permits for households with an electric vehicles.
  • A half price permit for households who have a low emission vehicle.
  • People that car share and live in different zones will be able to apply for permits for two zones.
  • Students in halls no longer able to apply for permits in RPZ's.
  • New "fuzzy boundaries" where two RPZs are next to each other. Residents living on either side would be able to park in either zone, if there are no free spaces in their own zone.

Cllr Lynne Stagg Portsmouth City Council Cabinet member of Traffic and Transportation said: "Residential parking is a problem in the city and I have discussed this issue at length with many residents. I am looking forward to considering the proposals for the roll out of residential parking and improvements to the scheme."

The papers that propose these improvements will be discussed at the Traffic and Transportation meeting on 6 September 2019.