Following the release of additional funding for special needs education in Portsmouth, proposed plans to address overspending could be reversed.

A number of measures had been agreed in October 2018 in light of a projected overspend for special needs education. However, the new funding of £465,000 for both this school year and next, released by the government in December 2018, means that many of these measures could no longer be needed.

Cllr Suzy Horton, Cabinet Member for Education at Portsmouth City Council, said: "It's great news for Portsmouth schools if we don't have to implement the original plans for now. However, the government needs to understand that SEND is underfunded already and growing rapidly and that all schools need more funding every year not just as a one off.”

The meeting to discuss the reversal of the plans to address overspending of the budget for special needs education will take place on Thursday 14 February 2019.