Provisional GCSE results for Portsmouth schools were announced this morning.  Against a backdrop of tougher and more demanding exams, the results show an encouraging performance in terms of the proportion of pupils achieving a 'standard pass' of grade 4 or above in English and maths under the new grading system for GCSEs introduced this year. 

Provisional results for Portsmouth schools, indicate that:

  • 70.4% of pupils achieved a 'standard pass' (grade 4 or above) in GCSE English.   
  • 63.9% of pupils achieved a 'standard pass' (grade 4 or above) in GCSE maths.
  • 58.4% of pupils achieved a 'standard pass' (grade 4 or above) in both GCSE English and maths

GCSEs in England are changing as a new 9 to 1 grading scale is replacing A* to G, with 9 being the highest grade.  This year the new grading was used for English and Maths GCSEs only. More subjects, including the sciences, will use the new grading scale next year and all GCSES will be graded using the new method by 2020.  

Although the old and new grading scales do not directly compare, a grade 4 or above is aligned to the old grade C and above. This is recognised as a 'standard pass'. 

Compared to last year the proportion of pupils achieving the 'standard pass' in both English and maths has remained broadly the same - 58.4% in 2017 compared to 58.3% in 2016; with a slight improvement in English from 68.5% to 70.4%


Cllr Hannah Hockaday, Portsmouth City Council's cabinet member for education, said: "Congratulations to all students on their achievements. I know they will have worked hard to get these results and they should be proud. It is encouraging to see that the improvements made last year have largely been maintained despite the tougher and more demanding exams that have been introduced in English and maths.  This reflects the hard work of pupils and the dedication of teachers and school leaders. Portsmouth schools are rightly ambitious for young people and the council shares that ambition.  We will continue to play our part in supporting further improvement."