This Mother's Day Portsmouth City Council would like to thank all the mums across the city and further afield who have fostered or adopted children.

Cllr Ryan Brent, Portsmouth City Council's Cabinet Member for Children's Social Care, said "There are thousands of fantastic mums in Portsmouth but I'd like to offer some special thanks to those involved in fostering and adoption, the difference they make to children's lives is immeasurable. We need to recruit more adopters and foster carers to provide stability and care for some of the city's most vulnerable children and young people, who need a range of periods of care from permanent families, short-term and longer term placements, and an environment where they can grow, develop and achieve their goals.  I would urge anyone to consider adoption or fostering, especially anyone with any childcare experience, experience of working with young people, or experience of working with people with disabilities, whether professional, personal or voluntary."

Becoming a foster mum to a young child or teenager can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do.  There is a significant need to recruit foster carers to provide a caring home, guidance and direction especially to teenagers, to be just the right role model and inspiration they need to help them turn their life around. 

There are numerous fostering opportunities available, from being a stay at home full-time foster carer for a young child, fostering a teenager whilst continuing to work full or part-time, to simply providing a room and around 10 hours a week support to one of Portsmouth's vulnerable 16-24 year olds through the "Lodgings Plus" scheme.  General foster carers receive around £165–£550 a week per child/young person in their care, and Lodgings Plus providers receive over £750 a month for providing a 16-24 year old with accommodation, support and daily meals.

Adopting a child or sibling group means becoming a mum in a very special way. The council recruits adopters from across the region, within 50 miles of Portsmouth, and potentially further afield, needing adopters in particular for children aged 3 plus and sibling groups.  Fantastic support is provided for all adopters, both during the assessment process and post-adoption, including family events over the Summer, Christmas and Easter periods.  

A spare room is needed for all fostering and adoption options, and anyone can adopt or foster regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, whether single or part of a couple, or whether they own or rent their own home.

For more information on fostering in general, you can contact the Fostering Recruitment Team on 023 9283 4071, or visit  For more information on adoption in general, visit, or call 02392 87 5294.