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A new group is set to pave the way for Portsmouth to become a leading light in climate action.

The independent Portsmouth Climate Action Board has been set up to bring together individuals, groups and businesses in Portsmouth to take collective action to address climate change. The group was established in response to the council's declaration of a climate emergency.

It includes influential groups like Extinction Rebellion and Friends of the Earth, plus local organisations and businesses like the University of Portsmouth and Airbus.

The group will focus on drawing up a climate action strategy based on hard facts with a focus on achievable results that make a difference now and into the future for Portsmouth.

Cllr Dave Ashmore, the council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said:

"Councils can influence investment, submit bids for government schemes and make it possible for local communities and businesses to make more sustainable choices, but the scale and nature of the changes we need to make to avoid the consequences of a rise in global warming mean we need everyone on board.

"The council's aspiration is for the city to be carbon neutral by 2030. Achieving that means changing the way we choose to live, and that needs to be a movement from the ground up."

Professor Steve Fletcher, Chair of the Portsmouth Climate Action Board and Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy, University of Portsmouth said:

"Taking action to address the effects of climate change is in everyone’s best interest.  The Climate Action Board will work on behalf of all city residents to make our city a leader in climate action, including cutting unnecessary carbon emissions and reducing wasted energy, which will create savings for all of us. We will seek to unlock economic opportunities too, such as encouraging businesses focused on clean technologies into the city”.

The board will receive support from newly appointed climate change officer, Tristan Thorn, who is taking the lead on coordinating the council's efforts to improve in this area.

Anyone interested in receiving news on the council's plans to tackle climate change can sign up to email updates by going to

The board includes representatives from:


Environment Agency

Extinction Rebellion

Friends of the Earth

Gunwharf Quays

HIVE Portsmouth

Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth Education Partnership

Portsmouth Football Club

Portsmouth Hospitals Trust

Portsmouth International Port

Portsmouth Naval Base

Portsmouth Water

Shaping Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth Students' Union