Portsmouth could see much needed homes built by a new development company if plans are approved by the city council's Cabinet.

Proposals going to a meeting on 26 February suggest authorising a council owned company called Ravelin to develop sites across the city.

Initially five sites are earmarked for more than 200 homes - 40 on Arundel Street, 14 on Hambrook Street, 55 on Doyle Avenue, 91 on Museum Road and 23 on the former Southsea Community Centre site, all subject to planning approvals.

Delivering the developments through Ravelin will enable the council to build a different mix of homes to be let at affordable rents and properties for private sale.

Legally councils can only build homes to be rented out at social or affordable rates. Ravelin will give greater opportunities to develop a range of housing products for people who live and work in Portsmouth including opportunities to get residents on the property ladder by also offering schemes such as shared ownership and rent to buy, as well as providing homes specifically for key workers.

Building larger, mixed developments will be more efficient and create economies of scale meaning the homes developed for social and affordable rentals should be cheaper to build.

The company will also make money through the properties it sells, this will be returned to the council and help support valued community services.

Cllr Darren Sanders, the council's Cabinet Member for Housing, said: "Portsmouth needs to deliver new homes that residents can afford but we are limited as a council in how we can provide housing on land the city council owns. Ravelin will give us exciting options to look at a wider range of homes."

Cllr Ben Dowling, the council's Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration & Economic Development, said: "Portsmouth needs to deliver new homes but as a council we want to make sure it is done in an appropriate way, particularly homes that people in the city can afford to rent and buy.

"Using a company like Ravelin, which the council owns and controls, can allow us to create developments that have a good mix of property types to rent and buy and enhance the communities they become part of."

You can find details of the proposals being made here - the discussion for the Ravelin Group of Companies is agenda item 8, and the report will be issued on Tuesday 19 February 2019.