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Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

Next week will mark the start of Portsmouth City Council's new scheme to reduce waste and encourage recycling, as the distribution of the new wheelie bins for waste begins.

The scheme has been trialled around the city over the past two years and the use of the new bins saw the amount of rubbish being disposed of reduce by up to 20 per cent. This reduction will save money and protect the weekly collections.

Cllr Dave Ashmore said: "This new scheme will benefit the entire city by protecting our coveted weekly collections, as well as protecting the environment through a reduction in waste and an increase in recycling. Just a few small changes from us all should see the city's recycling levels soar."

The new bins have a 140-litre capacity and only bagged rubbish contained within the bin will be collected. Residents who live in flat fronted properties will not receive a bin unless they request one and can store it off the highway. They will be able to put out up to three standard bin bags per week.

Residents are reminded of the importance of recycling the five essential items in their recycling bin - plastic bottles, food and drink cans, card, paper and aerosols - to ensure that space in their new waste bin isn't being taken up by recyclable items.

Any unwanted small electrical items - smaller than a microwave - can be put in a carrier bag and left on the lid of your recycling bin on your fortnightly recycling collection day.

Glass and unwanted clothing should be taken to the nearest recycling bank.

The bins are being distributed in accordance with truck rounds rather than geographical area, so residents are urged not to be concerned if neighbouring roads receive their bins much earlier in the schedule. All bins will be delivered by mid-November.

Once residents have received their new bins, if they no longer want their old bin, it can be left out for collection on the last Friday of the month. The Council will then repurpose or recycle them.

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You can also view the letter sent to residents here.