Coronavirus: council service information and advice

Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

Portsmouth City Council will consider a recommendation from Regulatory Services to utilise powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) at the Cabinet meeting on 10 March.
In addition to any punishment provided by the court, POCA enables the council, independently from the police, to remove the full financial value of the proceeds of their crime from proven criminals

If agreed, the council will develop guidance and processes for all services around managing the proceeds of crime and establish a £50K reserve which would offset the costs incurred during the process of pursuing court action.

Cllr Steve Pittt, Cabinet Member for Culture and City Development at Portsmouth City Council said: "Our regulatory services team has a 100% success rate for prosecutions and cost recovery.  Proceeds of Crime Act powers can act as an effective deterrent to criminal activity above and beyond other types of legal action and sentences to ensure criminals don’t profit from their actions.  It sends a strong message that in this city 'crime doesn’t pay'."