Portsmouth city council

The Highbury area of Cosham has been chosen to trial wheelie bins for general household waste.

Weekly collections will continue on Fridays, but instead of putting out bin bags a wheelie bin will be provided for non-recyclable rubbish. Fortnightly recycling collections also remain unchanged.

Feedback tells us that residents like the idea of a wheelie bin and other local authorities have found using them helps to increase recycling, which leads to reduced costs and cleaner streets.

Bins will be delivered by 16 September with more information about the trial, which will run for up to six months. The first collection of general household waste from these bins will be on Friday 23 September 2016. We will be monitoring the amount of recycling and household waste and will provide feedback about the difference the trial is making.

We're also relying on feedback to help decide whether the trial continues.

Please view the leaflet at the bottom of the below for further information, or check out the answers to frequently asked questions below.

The homes in the following roads will be included in the trial:

Windsor Road, Hawthorn Crescent, Chatsworth Avenue, Highbury Way, Highbury Grove, Dovercourt Road, The Old Road, Donaldson Road, Tudor Crescent, Old College Walk, Elgin Road, Pitreavie Road, Edgerly Gardens and Jasmond Road.

The trial also includes all homes from 1 to 75 Portsmouth Road (including Highbury Buildings) but does not  include 6 Portsmouth Road, and the properties between 11B and 36 - waste collections at these properties will continue as normal.

Regardless of where your black bags are currently collected from, we ask that all black rubbish bins are placed safely at the boundary of your property and on the pavement.

The crew won't go more than a step and a reach into your property to get the bin. Please place the bin out by 7am on the day of collection, and not earlier than 7pm on the night before.

The crew will only be collecting rubbish which is in the bin with the lid closed.  Any extra waste will not be collected.

We are encouraging recycling, use of the bring banks and Green Waste Club to minimise the amount of rubbish.  If after everything is fully recycled, you still have more rubbish on a regular basis, then we can assess you to see if you are suitable for a larger bin. 

If you would like to organise an additional bin assessment, please contact us on 023 9284 1105.

If you still need to get rid of rubbish you can take it to the Portsmouth Recycling centre at Port Solent. 

Please wait until the bin has arrived and then assess if it is not possible to keep a bin.  If at this point you still don't have anywhere safe to store a bin, please call us.  We will then assess the situation at your property.

As this is a trial, we would suggest that you keep hold of it until the end of the six months.  We will know then whether wheeled bin collections for rubbish will become a permanent fixture.

If you are going to put any rubbish out for collection, it needs to be in a wheelie bin.  However you only have to put the bin out for collection when you need it emptying.  If you are only producing a very small amount of rubbish, consider asking a neighbour if you can put your rubbish in their bin.  Be sure to ask their permission first.