To celebrate national co-production week this week Portsmouth City Council hosted an event to highlight some examples of how co-production has improved some of the service the council provides.

Representatives from Portsmouth Parent Voice and Dynamite joined with council colleagues to showcase the collaborative work which has been developed.  Young people, parents and carers who use some of the council's services; including young people's mental health and special education needs and disabilities have worked together on the design of websites and materials to aid improve the information available.

Barbara McDougall, Portsmouth Parent Voice said: "Today is a great opportunity to share some of the work we've done around co-production.  It has resulted in more parent/carer friendly materials and websites which reflect the needs and requirements of those using services as well as the view of the professionals involved.  Appreciating different perspectives and working together to review these and find the best solutions is at the heart of co-production and has resulted in the design of some truly collaborative approaches."

Alison Jeffery, Director of Children's Services and Education at Portsmouth City Council said: "It's been a privilege hosting today's event and reflecting on some of the excellent work to date.  We hope it will encourage more professionals and parents to embrace the principles of co-production as it delivers better services which benefit everyone."