Electric vehicle charging points are planned to be available in residential streets in Portsmouth next year following the council's successful bid for £100,000 from the government's Onstreet Residential Chargepoint Scheme.  

Portsmouth City Council bid for grant funding from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles to help with the costs of installing the charging points across the city to encourage more residents to consider switching to low-emission vehicles. 

Although they are getting more popular all the time, currently only 75 cars registered in Portsmouth are electric. Hybrid vehicles (electric and fuel) are more popular with 7,000 registered in the city. 

The council hope that by making it easier for residents to charge their vehicles more people will be encouraged to switch.

Cllr Simon Bosher Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation at Portsmouth City Council said: "We are delighted with our successful bid for funding. In a city like Portsmouth where not many people have the luxury of off-street parking it would be difficult to consider owning an electric vehicle. We hope that by installing charging points in some residential streets we will make it easier for residents to switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle and help reduce pollution."

The council have already identified several locations for the charge points following requests from residents who own or wish to own electric vehicle. They will now be looking for a company to undertake the work.

Roads minister Jesse Norman said: "We need a widespread and reliable charging network for electric vehicles if we are to meet our ambition that nearly all new cars and vans on our roads will be zero emission by 2040.

 “We have already made good progress. Thanks to government leadership, local authority engagement and a fast growing private sector, the UK now has over 11,000 publicly accessible chargepoints.

 “I am delighted that Portsmouth have taken this initiative to improve chargepoint infrastructure in their area, and I hope other local authorities will apply to our On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme .”

In addition to the residential charging points, which residents would pay to use, the council is also planning to install three free charging points at car parks around the city on a trial basis.