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Tattoo parlours should be rated according to their hygiene standards in the same way as restaurants and takeaways, say health experts.

We agree! That's why the council is re-launching its Tattooing Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS). For tattooists, it's good for business and reputation. For customers, it's peace of mind over hygiene and quality.

Should you have any questions relating to the scheme please email or telephone 023 9283 4362.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, and it is very important that you choose the right tattooist.

Visiting an approved tattoo parlour registered with the Council's Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS) gives peace of mind that the tattooist has met high standards of hygiene and professionalism, minimising the risk of incidents of infection and of transmission of infectious disease from tattooing procedures.

Much like the food hygiene standards you see in restaurants and pubs, look out for the THRS certified sticker displayed in the studio window. A list of approved studios is also displayed on this website.

Beware unregistered tattoo artists or 'scratchers'! These are unregistered, untrained and illegal tattooists who often operate from home or unlicensed premises. The hygiene standards of such operators are unchecked and they usually do not have the training, knowledge and equipment to operate safely.

Whether it be the food or any other service industry, being part of a registered and approved scheme raises safety and quality and helps protects customers.

Passing a hygiene and good practice assessment and becoming a THRS registered tattooist offers reassurance to customers about the standards you meet, and that in turn is good for your business. Satisfied customers mean that they're likely to come back again, and tell others about their positive experience. Your reputation grows, and your business grows too.

In response to a customer survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, many respondents indicated that a hygiene rating scheme would help them make a decision about where to have a tattoo.

Participation in the scheme is voluntary, by application, followed by an initial inspection at a suitably convenient time, from which your business will be graded into one of three categories:

  • Level 1. Satisfactory - Meets a number of criteria relating to hygiene and good practice.
  • Level 2. Good - Meets all of the criteria under Level 1, plus specified other criteria.
  • Level 3. Very good - Meets all of the criteria listed under Levels 1 and 2, plus specified other criteria.

Inspections may be carried out on an annual basis thereon.

Just like the food hygiene rating symbols you see in restaurants and pubs you'll be able to display a certified sticker in your studio window and use the symbol as part of your own publicity. You'll also feature in the dedicated section on the council's website, where all approved tattooists will be featured.

The THRS application form is available in the documents section below.

Zooz Tattooz in Portsea was the first tattoo studio to be awarded a Level 3 rating under the Council's THRS scheme. Established 30 years ago, the studio operates in the heart of Portsmouth's Naval area, and all its tattoos are designed in-house.

Studio owner Jim Orrell said, "I've been more than happy to work with the Council on promoting such a scheme, one which will only make the industry better."

Tattooists must be licensed with their local authority and are inspected under the Health & Safety at Work Act, which covers issues such as cross-contamination and the disposal of needles.

Re-inspections are carried out up to every three years depending on their risk rating.

Below is a list of all current licensed tattoo studios within Portsmouth sorted by the level they've achieved in the Tattooing Hygiene Rating Scheme. By becoming licensed, the studio gains the Level 1 rating by default. This means that they comply with all of the necessary hygiene and good practice regulations.

Those studios who want to demonstrate that they've gone beyond the basic requirements can apply to be part of the scheme and will be inspected to see if they show the criteria needed to achieve a level 2 or level 3 rating.

Awarded 3 Star Tattooing Hygiene Rating Scheme 
Zooz Tattooz, 46 Queen Street Portsea PO1 3HW  James Orrell
Dolls and Skulls, 172 Fratton RoadPO1 5HD  Steve Levett
Kings Ship, 96 Marmion Road PO5 2BB  Aaron Willett
Know How Tattoo, 55 Albert Road Southsea PO4 0HS Viktor Dimitrov
Play Dead, 131 Highland Road PO4 9EY  Samantha White
Portsmouth Ink, 110 Albert Road PO4 0JS  Ruth Fernado
Portsmouth Ink, 89 High Street Cosham PO6 3AZ  Ruth Fernado
Southsea Tattoo Co, 129 Albert Road PO5 2SQ  Tim Childs
Straight To The Point, 236 Havant Road Drayton PO6 1PA Jame Allen
Tattoo by Skelly, 34 Albert Road PO6 3DD Sean Dibble
Awarded 1 Star Tattooing Hygiene Rating Scheme 
Body Images, 57 Fratton Road PO1 5AE  Reno Sammut
Chilli Tattoo, 58 Albert Road PO5 2SL  Michael Hassanyeh
Casa Diablo 8 London road, Portsmouth PO2 0LH Daryl Williams
Creative Ink , 100 Fawcett Road PO4 0DN Rob Prior
Excalibur Tattoo and Piercing, 2 Lake Road PO1 4EZ  Chris Doyle
Family Tattoo, 24 Tangiers Road PO1 6JL  Tony Wallace
Heritage Tattoo, No8 The Arches Ordnance Road PO1 3AE Michael Smith
Ink to Envy, 176 Albert Road, PO5 2SN Clive Bilham
Ink Vibration, 63 Elm Grove PO5 1JF Paul Russell
Joker Tattoo, 79 Kingston Crescent PO2 8AA  Daniel Scrine
Kingston Ink, 37 Kingston Road PO2 7DP  Scott Hansler
Lady Luck, 39 Fawcett Road, PO4 0BZ  Emma Grech
My Last One, 325 Copnor Road PO3 5EL Steve Willett
The Ink Doctors, 74 Elm Grove PO5 1LN  Wes Lambe
Top Dog Tattooz, 10 Wayte Street Cosham PO6 3BS Darren Stares
Touch Of Ink, 194 Kingston Road  Rich Laban
Tribal Urge, 64 Castle Street, Southsea Nick Bailey
Unique Tattoos, 143 Winter Road PO4 8DR Darren Stares

It's important to use a registered tattoo artist for your safety.

Here is a list of registered tattoo artists in Portsmouth.

Operators Registration Numbers
Aaron Willett 1/16
Alan Gilby 2/16
Alexander Roberts 3/16
Amanda Jane O'Rourke 4/16
Angel Totchev 5/16
Ash Harris 6/16
Ben Ferrand 7/16
Ben Minor 8/16
Boris Mihaylov Dikov 9/16
Bradley Fleming 10/16
Brandon Sammut 11/16
Caroline Tobitt 12/16
Chris Doyle 13/16
Christina Armanda Hills 14/16
Christopher Robert Machin  115/16 
Clive Bilham  15/16
Connor Charlesworth 16/16
Connor Liam Tyler 17/16
Craig Davis Wash 18/16
Daniel Scrine 19/16
Danielle Green 20/16
Darren Stares 21/16
Daryl Williams 22/16
Dave Levitt 23/16
Dean Harris 24/16
Dean Martin 25/16
Dean Shuttleworth 26/16
Diyan Ivanov 27/16
Emma Grech 28/16
Frank Sammut 29/16
Gary Edwards 30/16
Gemma Denise Foran 31/16
George Greentree 32/16
Gina Wilson 33/16
Gregory Sharp 34/16
Hayley Sammut 35/16
Heidi Smith 36/16
Hollie Martin 37/16
Imogen Sammut 38/16
Jag Singh 39/16
James Allen  40/16
James Orrell 41/16
Jamie Keith 42/16
Janis Blaudums 43/16
Jess Rayner 44/16
John Parker 45/16
John Powell 46/16
John Shallis 47/16
Johnny Standen 48/16
Joshua Stares 49/16
Joss Wilders 50/16
Karina Nyss 51/16
Kaspars Redmers 52/16
Keith Samways 53/16
Kevin Fryer 54/16
Kirk Gregory 55/16
Kyle Knight 56/16
Lee Feaver 57/16
Lee Nicholls 58/16
Lyubomira Semerdhieva 59/16
Mark Ellins 60/16
Mark Townsend 61/16
Martha Leblique 62/16
Matureur Hebrowski 63/16
Melissa Lake 64/16
Michael Paul Hassanyeh 65/16
Michael Smith 66/16
Mike Kelly 67/16
Miss L Stagno 68/16
Mrs M Pond 69/16
Nared Klaichan 70/16
Natalie Simmonds 71/16
Nicholas Taylor 72/16
Nick Bailey  73/16
Oliver john Christopher Sims 74/16
Owen Paulls 75/16
Paul Phillimore 76/16
Paul Reynolds 77/16
Paul Russell 78/16
Peter Farrell 79/16
Raymond Gough  80/16
Reno Sammut 81/16
Rich Laban 82/16
Richard Atkinson 83/16
Rob Prior 84/16
Robert  Olszewski 113/16
Ruth Fernadez 85/16
Sam Lloyd 86/16
Sam Shulman 87/16
Samantha White 88/16
Samantha Trumper 89/16
Sara Pengelly 90/16
Sarah Nicola Douglas 91/16
Scott Hansler 92/16
Scott Jason Davies 93/16
Sean Dibble 94/16
Shaun Calladine 114/16
Sikes Mulligan-Ward 95/16
Steff Churchouse 96/16
Steve Hunter 97/16
Steve Levitt 98/16
Steven John Willett 99/16
Stuart Forster 100/16
Tara Rodgers 101/16
Tim Childs 102/16
Tony Green 103/16
Tony Wallace 104/16
Viktor Dimitrov 105/16
Vivien Croggon 106/16
Wesley Lambe 107/16
William Bean 108/16
Yet Meng Wong 109/16
Gergana Petrova 110/16
Sharon Stagg 111/16
Samantha Ordish 112/16
Robert  Olszewski 113/16
Shaun Calladine 114/16
Christopher Robert Machin 115/16
Taran MacDonald 116/16
Kaya-Moon MacDonald 117/16
Evelyn Allen 118/16
Dereck Campbell 119/16
Edgars Ozols 120/16

1.Tattoo on your face and neck

Unless for medical reasons, a tattoo on your face and neck is not advisable. It may limit your employment choices and possibilities of career advancement.

2. Your partner's name

It is often a bad idea to tattoo a partner's name on your body. The relationship may end, and you will be left explaining the tattoo to future partners!

3. Choosing a symbol

Firstly, if you have to do research to find out the meaning of a symbol, there's a good chance many other people won’t know the meaning either. Secondly, not being sure what the symbol means might result in you choosing something of a stupid or offensive meaning.

4. Soon out-of-date?

Be careful not to choose something which might soon become out-of-date or quickly seen to be old-fashioned or over-used, e.g. cartoon characters, pop culture, etc.

5. An iconic face

If the person is still alive, they will change, some more considerably than others! Another risk is that they will later be involved in some embarrassing scandal or commit a serious crime - somebody that you may not then wish to have tattooed on your arm!

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