Student Waste

End of academic term/year

It is students' responsibility to legally dispose of their waste whilst living in Portsmouth. When you know when you will be leaving the property you will need to make plans to dispose of your waste. You will need to follow the council's refuse and recycling rules which you can find on our waste page. You can dispose of glass/textile/CD/books at the recycling banks throughout the city. Large items such as TV's, armchairs etc. can be taken to the recycling centre at Port Solent

Any waste left at the property after the students have moved out is the responsibility of the managing agent/owners. We recommend that landlords/managing agents work with their tenants to ensure that they leave no waste. We offer a chargeable service to landlords for the collection of bagged waste left by tenants within a week of the tenants leaving the property, after which it is classed as commercial waste and a private collection will be required. You can find more information on our waste page

Waste trial in Fratton

Please be aware that if you are moving to Fratton, the following roads are currently taking part in a waste trial.

The trial restricts the amount of bags of rubbish being collected to three bags/closed seagull bag per week per property.  If you are in a shared house or House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and likely to generate more than 3 bags of rubbish per week, please contact us on 023 9284 1105 to arrange an assessment.  In the assessment we'll go through your bags of rubbish and if you are fully recycling we will provide extra capacity for your waste. 

  • Adames Road
  • Alver Road
  • Andrew Close
  • Barnes Road
  • Brookfield Road
  • Byerley Road
  • Clarkes Road
  • Clive Road
  • Cuthbert Road
  • Ethel Road
  • Forton Road
  • Guildford Road
  • Liverpool Road
  • Livesay Gardens
  • Lower Brookfield Road
  • Manchester Road
  • Moorland Road
  • Newcome Road
  • Olinda Street
  • Renny Road
  • Samuel Road
  • St Marys Road
  • Trafalgar Place
  • Walmer Road
  • Whitcombe Gardens
  • Woodland street

If you don't have a a recycling bin/green box at your property, please use the 'apply' button on our home page to request one. 

Follow the link to read more about the waste trial but if you still have any questions please contact us on 023 9284 1105 or