Additional licensing will be finishing on 27 August 2018

From 27 August 2018 the Additional Licensing designation will be ending and you will not require a new licence unless your property falls within the new Mandatory Licence criteria in force from 1 October.

All applications for properties that fall into the new Mandatory licencing criteria must be received by 1 October 2018.

The new mandatory licensing will no longer only be limited to House in Multiple Occupations (HMOs) that are three or more storeys high but will also include buildings with one or two storeys which are occupied by 5 or more people sharing an amenity. This is new legislation that will apply to landlords across the UK.

What buildings will be included?

  • Properties with five or more people who form two or more households. This includes both shared houses and bedsits where occupants share amenities. The property must be their main residence.
  • Flats that are occupied by 5 or more people who form two or more households that are within blocks of non-purpose built flats. This only applies where the block consists of more than 3 or more self-contained flats. This will include flats above and below commercial premises and flats in converted buildings.
  • A converted building which contains more than one unit of living accommodation but at least one of the units is not contained behind its entrance door. For example where someone has to cross the common stairway to access a facility such as a toilet.

How to apply for your new mandatory licence application

If you have an additional licence that will expire and require a new mandatory licence either:

  • Complete the online licence form
  • Complete the PDF (both part one - personal details and part two - property details)
  • Make your payment either by:
                - cheque: please make cheques payable to Portsmouth City Council, and send to: Private Sector Housing, Portsmouth City Council, Civic offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2AZ.
                - By card over the phone: please tick the box on the application form and an invoice will be sent to you. All payment methods will be on the reverse of the invoice.

Please note:

  1. Floor plans - please ensure your label rooms (for example 'bedroom 1' and 'bedroom 2') with sizes in m2 (square meters), and that the rooms correspond with the form.
  2. If you have previously submitted your certificates with your Additional licence application form and the documents are in date and have not expired, you will not need to re-submit them.

Should you require any further information please contact or call 023 9284 1659.


Failure to apply for a licence is an offence under section 72 of the housing act 2004 which upon summary conviction may render a person liable to a fine up to £20,000. An application may also be made to the residential property service for a rent repayment order. Should an order be made there may be a requirement to repay housing benefit paid to an occupier of the house in multiple occupation while the property was unlicensed.

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