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Pay for your garage or parking space online

Renting a garage or parking space 

Portsmouth City Council lets out more than 2,350 garages and 2,300 parking spaces across and outside of the city at very reasonable rates. Some areas have waiting lists. Charges vary according to location - price ranges are as follows:


Parking Spaces* - from £2 to £15.18 per week (add VAT if not a Portsmouth tenant or leaseholder)

Size: 5.1m (16ft 10in) long x 2.4m (7ft 10in) wide


Garages - from £10.90 to £22.44 per week (add VAT if not a Portsmouth tenant or leaseholder)

Size: 5.2m (17ft) long x 2.1m (7ft) wide x 1.8m (6ft) high


City-centre lock-ups - from £23 per week (add VAT if not a Portsmouth tenant or leaseholder)

Size: 4.6m (15ft) long x  2.4m (7ft 10in) wide. Extra high units are available for tall vehicles.


* There are two types of parking space - ground level and underground.

Anyone can apply to rent a parking space or garage, but the government adds VAT for anyone who is not a Portsmouth City Council tenant or leaseholder.

How to find out what parking is available

To find out what's available, please email your local housing office with the following information:

  • Whether you are interested in parking spaces, garages (or both) - or a small area of land
  • Your address
  • The address or area you are looking in

Local housing offices:


City South/Somerstown:


Leigh Park:



Wecock Farm:

Applying and paying for a garage or parking space

You'll need to sign a licence agreement that lists the conditions of use, which you can download below.

It's easy to make regular payments by direct debit - you'll need to give the council's details to your bank:

  • Portsmouth City Council Collection Account, Barclays Bank Ltd, 107 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, PO1 1BT
  • Account number 23526623
  • Sort code 20-69-40

Alternatively, you can:

Ending your garage or parking space agreement

Please contact us to give one week's notice if you wish to vacate your garage or parking space.

If we need to end the agreement we will give you at least one week's written notice.

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