Mobility scooters are becoming increasingly popular in society. Portsmouth City Council recognises that mobility scooters can, at times, help improve a resident's quality of life and enhance their independent living.

Fire brigades around the UK are advising that mobility scooters could pose an unnecessary risk when involved in a fire. Storage of mobility scooters in communal areas such as corridors and community lounges heightens the risk to people in the event of fire. This might either be a fire caused by the scooter itself or the obstruction caused to other residents as they escape. There is also a risk to emergency services when entering our buildings.

Portsmouth City Council has been advised that mobility scooters are not to be stored in communal areas (unless those areas specifically designed to meet fire safety regulations). Failing to comply with any fire safety regulations could lead to Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service taking enforcement action. We have therefore devised a Mobility scooter storage policy for local authority housing stock which aims to provide guidance on the use and storage of mobility scooters. You can access this policy in the documents section below.