The Wellbeing Service launched in October 2015 to help Portsmouth residents quit smoking, drink less alcohol, eat well and move more.

It brought together the Alcohol Intervention Team, smoking cessation services (previously provided by Solent NHS and Solutions4Health) and health trainers (previously run by My Time Active) to provide combined support.

This approach was taken because research in the city showed that residents would prefer to go to one place to get help with improving their health and that accessing separate services was a barrier to quitting unhealthy habits.

The Wellbeing Service operates from venues across Portsmouth and is a free service. They offer one-to-one appointments, group sessions and drop-in clinics. The focus in the Wellbeing Service is on education and achievable goals, which can enable long-term change.

The Wellbeing Service also supports clients to improve their emotional wellbeing as stress and poor sleep are more likely to drive unhealthy behaviours. The service can link with other council departments and organisations to help clients deal with wider issues such as housing, employment and managing money as we know that some people use unhealthy behaviours to deal with problems in these areas.

Tackling unhealthy behaviours can have a real impact on someone's life, helping to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver disease, respiratory disease and heart disease and enabling them to live a healthier, more fulfilled life, for longer.

You can contact the service directly or be referred through your GP - phone 023 9229 4001 or email

A Wellbeing Worker will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment time, at the venue that is closest to you.

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