Making even small energy-efficient improvements can save you money as well as helping the environment by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide - one of the main gases responsible for climate change. 

For information and advice from Portsmouth City Council on the financial help, grants and loans available to improve heating of homes, e-mail or phone 023 9268 8369.


Research shows that thousands of houses throughout the city would be able to reduce energy costs and save hundreds of pounds each year with simple energy efficiency improvements such as loft and cavity wall insulation.

Don't have a heating system?

We may be able to loan you some equipment, or offer grant or loan assistance to help with the installation of central heating, or new double glazed windows. We may even provide some temporary accommodation whilst a system is installed for you.

There are a variety of grants or loans available for people of all backgrounds, not just those on a low income. We can even help with finding a suitable contractor to carry out the work, and inspect the quality once works are completed.

Greener living

Tackling climate change and living sustainably is one of the most important things this generation can do, and everyone needs to get involved. This section on Greener Living explains why we need to all work together on this global issue, what actions you can take personally and also highlights the benefits you’ll get from making changes.

Greener living encompasses everything we do from how we live in our homes, how we travel, to what we buy and even what we eat.

Energy Company Obligation

Portsmouth City Council's ECO Statement of Intent 2018 

Portsmouth City Council's ECO Statement of Intent 2017 (withdrawn 22 October 2018)

Portsmouth City Council's ECO Statement of Intent 1st June 2017 (withdrawn 20 July 2017)


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