If you think you might be a carer, answering the following question may help.

Would the person you support be able to cope on their own without any help for a week?

If the answer is no, or they would really struggle, you are a carer.

You may provide some or most of these tasks:

  • shopping - in person or online
  • paying bills, completing forms, sorting paperwork
  • cooking, cleaning
  • emotional support
  • taking someone out to enable access to leisure activities
  • calling or receiving numerous phone calls during the day and night
  • making sure they are safe
  • visiting a couple of times a week
  • being available in case of emergency
  • providing occasional support at times when their condition worsens
  • help with taking medication, sorting out prescriptions
  • sorting and booking their appointments
  • taking them to appointments
  • liaising with professionals - consultants, nurses, social workers, housing or similar
  • helping with mobility
  • dealing with crisis
  • helping with personal care, grooming, getting dressed
  • helping with nursing tasks such as catheters and leg bags or changing dressings
  • helping at night
  • being available 24/7
If any of those statements apply to you, please find out who you should contact below.

If you're a carer, where to get support depends on where the person you look after lives - not where you live.

Check below for the correct contact information.

If the person you look after lives in PO1-PO6 (you may live beyond the boundary) support is provided by Portsmouth City Council. For details on support available to you please contact Portsmouth Carers Centre.

In Hampshire support for carers is provided by Hampshire County Council.

If the person you support is under a different local authority, please search their local council website for information on carers. 

If you live in Portsmouth and need information or advice, you can still contact Portsmouth Carers Centre - we will signpost the correct organisation.


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