Coronavirus: council service information and advice

Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

Care leavers entering higher education (HE) will receive financial support. Young people will receive details of the support available in a letter, approved by the social worker/personal advisor and service leader, and may cover the following:

  • A £2000 Local Government  grant provided by Portsmouth City Council Children's Social Care, which the personal advisor will support in appropriate spend, to be specified in the pathway plan.
  • Travel costs to help you return during holiday periods.
  • Reasonable accommodation cost during holiday periods.
  • Help from their personal advisor to apply for all available student loans and bursaries to cover fees, maintenance and living costs.  Care leavers should be guided to attend a university who can support their identified needs. This information can be found at  If a care leaver wishes to attend a university where the accommodation for a care leaver isn't free, and there is a clear reason why they want to attend such a University, then reasonableaccommodation costs will be covered by Children's Social Care with approval from the service leader in the through care team.