Coronavirus: council service information and advice

Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

Children's social care is a part of the council which works to keep children safe and promote the health and wellbeing of families in Portsmouth. The service provides care for children and young people in the city who need it, to help them stay healthy, reach their potential and feel positive about themselves.

The service works with other professionals (eg doctors and teachers), children and families to keep children and young people safe and well cared for, and has five main areas:

  • Looked after children and care leavers
  • Assessment and intervention
  • Youth offending team
  • Prevention and early help service
  • Performance and quality and domestic abuse services

The looked after children and care leavers area includes supporting children and young people who need care arrangements provided and supported by the council. The council provides support for each child's needs, including shorter term, longer term and permanent placements. To achieve this, the team recruits, supports and supervises foster carers (and other carers - eg guardians), and also helps younger children to be adopted into families.