Coronavirus: council service information and advice

Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

Wherever you are placed in foster care, a social worker should visit you as below:

  • On the day you are placed and you should have a follow up placement review meeting within 72 hours of being placed
  • They will visit you again within a week your first or any new placement
  • After this point they will visit you at intervals of no more than six weeks during the first year of any placement
  • After a year in a placement, they will visit at least every six weeks (or every three months if you are in a formally agreed permanent placement which is intended to last until the child is 18)
    • If you are in a confirmed long-term foster placement, after the first year, it may be that if you are old enough, have understood and agreed to a longer time between visits, your social worker should visit you at least every 6 months - this does however need to be agreed at a looked after child review. 

Foster carers should see their social workers in person for regular supervision sessions, around every 4 weeks if they are fostering full-time/regularly - if foster carer placements are fulfilled more sporadically, supervision sessions will happen less often. Support is also always available over the phone/online for foster carers and looked after children.