Book a pest control treatment for squirrels

Squirrels are only considered to be a problem by us if they get into your roof space. Squirrels in your garden are considered to be normal wildlife and are not treated.

To book an appointment, please call 023 9283 4251 (9am-4pm weekdays). You will need to pay ahead of your appointment. Please have your payment card ready when you call.

Prices (All prices include VAT)

  • Standard rate - £100 for up to five visits, £20 for extra visits after the first five
  • Reduced rate (apply for those customers who receive qualifying benefits including pension credit, income support, job seekers allowance, housing benefit or Council Tax support and Universal Credit) - £50 for up to five visits, £10 for extra visits after the first five.
  • If you live in a rented property, your landlord will need to contact us to arrange a date, and pay for the treatment at the initial booking stage. Commercial charges will apply. This does not include Housing with Multiple Occupancy (HMOs).

If you need an extra visit, you will need to pay for this during the third visit. Otherwise, when the officer leaves the property the job will be closed, and you'll need to pay the full price to start a new treatment.

You will need to pay the full charge upfront for all rodent treatments which includes a £10 non-refundable callout charge should we not treat.

Please note, if you agree a pest control appointment then miss it, this will count as one of your visits. If two visits are missed, your treatment will be cancelled.

What will pest control do?

We lay traps in the infested area to catch and kill the squirrels.

We do not ask that you do anything specific to prepare for our visit. After the treatment is complete you may need the help of a builder/roofer to ensure that no more squirrels can gain entry. Continued maintenance of your property will be necessary to avoid the problem occurring again.

Do I have squirrels?

If you have grey squirrels in your property, you may have seen then from the outside of the house entering your roof space. You may also hear scratching and chewing noise.

Why do I have squirrels?

They may come in through an opening in your roof or walls.

What should I do if I have squirrels?

Squirrels are a problem if they get into your roof space, as they can cause serious damage or start a fire by chewing through cables.

If squirrels are gaining access through a gap in the roof then this will need to be repaired. However, we recommend that this is not done until after treatment is completed.