Book a pest control treatment for cockroaches

To book an appointment, please call 023 9283 4251 (9am-4pm weekdays). You will need to pay ahead of your appointment. Please have your payment card ready when you call.

Prices (All prices include VAT)

  • Standard rate - £70
  • Reduced rate (apply for customers who receive qualifying benefits including pension credit, income support, job seekers allowance, housing benefit or Council Tax support and Universal Credit) - £40

    If you need an extra visit, you will need to pay for this during the third visit. Otherwise, when the officer leaves the property the job will be closed, and you'll need to pay the full price to start a new treatment.

All insect treatments have a non-refundable call out charge before we come out. These charges need to be paid when you book a visit from pest control.

Please note, if you agree a pest control appointment then miss it, this will count as one of your visits. If two visits are missed, your treatment will be cancelled.

What will pest control do?

We place sticky monitoring boards to survey and carry out treatment by using gel bait.

You don't need to do anything to prepare for our visit. However, until the infestation is under control:

  • all surfaces should be cleaned before preparing food
  • all food should be put away in secure containers as cockroaches  carry germs.

Once we have treated the property, you can use it as normal.

Do I have cockroaches?

There are two main species of cockroaches, the Oriental and the German.

The Oriental is 25–33mm long, shiny, dark brown and nearly black. The female’s wings are short, but the male's wings cover two-thirds of the abdomen.

The German is light brown in colour with two dark stripes running lengthwise just below the insect’s head. The female is darker than the male and both are fully winged.

Cockroaches are often seen running quickly across surfaces, particularly in the kitchen or any area where food is stored.

Why do I have cockroaches?

Cockroaches can be imported into the home, either with food and packaging or in suitcases after a trip abroad.

What should I do if I have cockroaches?

You should get professional treatment and take the following measures:

  • wash all surfaces with an anti-bacterial agent before food preparation
  • clear away any food after eating and don’t leave crumbs about

If cockroaches are getting into a cupboard, remove all the food and place it in sealed containers, and clean the cupboard.