Energy saving has become more important than ever. Not only does it help improve our environment but it can save you money.

Saving energy at home

Portsmouth City Council is working to promote greener ways of living, create homes people want to live in and make the city’s housing more environmentally friendly.

There is plenty you can do to save energy and money - have a look at our ideas for saving energy at home, improve the insulation of your house and listen to or read energy saving tips suggested by local residents.

Saving energy and recycling at work

At work we can all have a significant impact on our use of resources and act as role models to our colleagues.

Tips for saving energy at work include saving paper by thinking twice before you print, and switching off your computer when you are not working on it.

Remember to recycle at work, for example:

  • return stationary to the cupboard that you don’t use so that someone else can use it
  • ensure there are separate bins for recyclable and residual waste
  • consider buying a compost bin for your office that could be taken home and emptied on your home composter
  • make packed lunches - save money, packaging and be healthy
  • use a mug or glass for drinks rather than disposable cups.

Incorporate sustainable practices, such as:

  • choosing Fairtrade products where possible for products such as coffee, tea and biscuits
  • ask your company to choose a pension policy that has good environmental and ethical credentials
  • find out how to become a champion for sustainability and greener living at your workplace.

 A group of local residents have been investigating how they could be greener at work and what energy saving measures they could introduce. Follow the link for a short film demonstrating how small changes in an office environment can make a difference. You may be able to incorporate some of these tips at work or at home.

Get involved

If you are interested in energy saving and recycling, we are looking for enthusiastic people to join our Green Neighbours project.

Green Neighbours are local people who volunteer to help us with projects and events to show their neighbours how to save energy and waste, and how to reduce their energy bills. Volunteers can learn about energy saving and recycling, meet new people and go on trips.


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