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As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are replacing the majority of street lights in Portsmouth with new energy-efficient LED lighting technology. 

Some of the benefits of this project include:

  • reducing the amount of energy we use by 40%
  • saving £400,000 of public money every year
  • improved visibility
  • less maintenance work so less disruption for residents
  • safer streets and reduced crime
  • ability to remotely control lights in different areas

Saving energy and money - we will reduce our electricity energy use by up to 40%. Reduced energy use means smaller energy bills, and by the end of the LED installation programme we expect to save up £400,000 a year. 


The old yellow/amber lights no longer meet lighting standards so we need to replace them. The new LED lights are manufactured to current lighting standards and use a clearer white light that reduces glare. They have been cleverly designed and fitted to avoid an intrusion of light into people's homes.


Better management of lights in your area: Lights are fitted with remote-monitoring technology to allow us to dim lights in certain areas at certain times; this helps to reduce carbon emissions even further.


More reliable and less disruption: The new lighting is more reliable and shouldn’t need replacing for 20 years, which is five times longer than the current lighting system. This means there shouldn't be as much need for anyone to come out and carry out work on lampposts near you.


A safer city: It is important to us that people feel safe moving around Portsmouth at night time. Better lighting can also reduce crime and fear of crime. A whiter light improves the images captured on CCTV as well as allowing clothing colours and car registration numbers to be more easily identified.

We will be writing to residents before installation starts to notify them of what we will be doing, and when. The work will be done by Colas who use a vehicle with an elevating platform to reach the top of the lampposts. The vehicle has to be parked next to the lamppost so we will need residents to move their vehicles and keep about 8 metres clear around the lamppost.


Only the lantern head will be replaced, so there should be no disruption to your electricity supply on the day.


We will not be replacing any special heritage or ornate street lights such as those in areas such as Old Portsmouth and parts of Southsea. 


Trial Installation

We will begin the project on 6 November 2017, when the lights in the following three streets in Buckland will be upgraded:


  • Monday 6 November: Washington Road and Garfield Road.
  • Tuesday 7 November: Centaur Street.


Main Installation

This covers the rest of Portsmouth, approximately 15,000 lights.  Installation starts in early 2018 and runs until summer 2019. Residents will receive a letter informing them when work will be done in their road and dates will be published here when they are available.

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