This page contains a list of pre-schools in Portsmouth, separated into postcodes. For more information about any of the listed pre-schools, visit the  OFSTED website and use the organisation's registration number (also called a 'URN' number) to find more details, including their latest OFSTED rating.


Bunny Warren Pre-School Nursery, Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Place, Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 5JJ

Tel: 023 9282 2086; Email:

Registration number: EY143444


Swishers FLC - Playgroup or Pre-School, St Wilfrid's Church Hall, Ewart Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, PO1 5RH

Tel: 023 9234 3039; Email:

Registration number: EY143558


All Aboard Pre-School Ltd, 70 The Ridings, Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 0UF

Tel: 07986 630515; Email:

Registration number: EY253150


Brunel-Meredith Pre-School, Brunel Junior School, Wymering Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7HX

Tel: 023 9265 2745; Email:

Registration number: 143441


Jumping Jacks Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Stamshaw Junior School, Tipner Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 8QH

Tel: 023 9265 2569; Email:

Registration number: 143487


Little Sunbeams Pre-School, Mayfield School, Mayfield Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0RH

Tel: 07807 483755; Email:

Registration number: EY456905


Parade Community Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Doyle Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 9NE

Tel: 023 9265 1231; Email:

Registration number: 143510


Puffin Pre-School Naval Under Fives - Playgroup or Pre-School, 25 Narvik Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO2 9PN

Tel: 07825 842727; Email:; Website:

Registration number: EY393239


St Nicholas Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Battenburg Avenue, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 0SH

Tel: 023 9242 6152; Email:

Registration number: 143556


Tiddleywinks Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Church of Ascension, Stubbington Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 0JG

Tel: 07895 994959; Email:

Registration number: EY395574


Langstone Community Nursery, Langstone School, Ascot Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 6EY

Tel: 023 9287 1200; Email:

Registration number: EY312287


Little Admirals Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Exercise Deck, Admiral Lord Nelson School, Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5XT

Tel: 023 9278 1367; Email:; Website:

Registration number: EY312742


Springwood Pre-School - Copnor, Copnor Methodist Church, 163 Copnor Road, Portsmouth, PO3 5BT

Tel: 07889 980712; Email:

Registration number: EY490909


The Corner Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, St Cuthbert's Trust, Lichfield Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 6DE

Tel: 07748 064829; Email:

Registration number: EY308683


Westover Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, The 54th Paignton Scout Hut, Paignton Avenue, Copnor, Portsmouth, PO3 6LL

Tel: 07986 651473; Email:; Website:

Registration number: 143574


Fledglings Pre-School CIO, Devonshire Infant School, Francis Avenue, Southsea, Hampshire, PO4 0AG

Tel: 023 9282 9921; Email:; Website:

Registration number: EY495412


Get Set Go Nursery - Day Nursery, Cumberland Infant School, Methuen Road, Southsea, Hampshire, PO4 9HJ

Tel: 023 9282 2333; Email:

Registration number: 143471


Jack & Jill Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Shelford Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8NU

Tel: 023 9283 0040; Email: debbie99jack&

Registration number: 143485


Little Bears Forest Pre-School Ltd, Langstone Church, Shore Avenue, Southsea, PO4 8NB


Registration number: EY493734


Little Spinnakers Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, United Reformed Church, 239 Milton Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8PH

Tel: 023 9217 7281; Email:; Website:

Registration number: EY415088


Milton Park Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, c/o Milton Park Primary School, Eastney Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8ET

Tel: 023 9273 3792; Email:

Registration number: 143500


Pebbles - Pre-School Learning Alliance, Devonshire Avenue, Southsea, PO4 9EQ


Registration number: EY536749


Pipit Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, 27 Finch Road, Eastney, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 9LT

Tel: 07825 842728; Email:

Registration number: EY253045


St Swithun's Sunbeams Pre-School, Taswell Road, Southsea, Hants., PO5 2RG

Tel: 023 9282 1202; Email:

Registration number: 116386


Castle Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, The Community Building, Court Lane Junior School, Hilary Avenue, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 2PP

Tel: 07724 110966; Email:

Registration number: EY378932


Drayton Daisychain Pre-School, Drayton United Church Hall, Station Road, Drayton, Portsmouth, PO6 1PU

Tel: 07862 718196; Email:

Registration number: 143461


Little Bounders Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, The Lodge, Connaught Lane, Portsmouth, PO6 4RR

Tel: 023 9235 5443; Email:

Registration number: EY420031


Little Stars Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Scoutlands, 20 Evelegh Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 1DL

Tel: 07956 162575; Email:; Website:

Registration number: EY337877


Mulberry Court Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, Wymering Methodist Church, Sixth Avenue, Portsmouth, PO6 3PD

Tel: 07752 228815; Email:

Registration number: EY478384


Peacock Pre-School - Playgroup or Pre-School, 15 Birkdale Avenue, Drayton, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 1EY

Tel: 07825 842726; Email:; Website:

Registration number: 143513


Springwood Pre-School - Paulsgrove, Paulsgrove Baptist Church, 1 Woofferton Road, Portsmouth, PO6 4DW

Tel: 07889 980712; Email:

Registration number: EY490272


St Paul's Nursery - Day Nursery, Bourne Road, Portsmouth, PO6 4JD

Tel: 023 9232 6069; Email:

Registration number: EY116487


The Elizabeth Foundation Nursery - Playgroup or Pre-School, Southwick Hill Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3LL

Tel: 023 9237 2735; Email:; Website:

Registration number: 143465

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