Tipner and Horsea Island have the potential to create an impressive new gateway to Portsmouth. The development sites sit either side of the M275, the motorway access into the city. Developing these sites could eventually provide 2,370 new homes and more than 3,700 permanent jobs, attracting an estimated £831m of investment in the process, £647m of it from the private sector.

However there are various obstacles to regenerating the area such as contamination from former land uses, flood risk, land ownership and a lack of infrastructure.

As part of our City Deal we've received £48.75m to help overcome these obstacles as well as getting agreement to transfer Ministry of Defence (MoD) land to council ownership.

Portsmouth City Council and the Department for Transport have already invested £28m in infrastructure through the new motorway junction and park and ride that opened in April 2014. The new motorway junction creates access to development sites on the western side of the motorway.

A plan showing the land ownership for current development sites and the existing planning permissions can be viewed in the document 'City Deal sites land ownership and planning applications'. The City Deal sites presentation gives an overview of the regeneration and how it fits into wider plans for Portsmouth - both documents are available in the documents section below

This page provides Information on all aspects of Tipner and Horsea Island’s regeneration, but if there’s anything you’d like to know which isn’t here.

Some areas of Tipner have been largely derelict for a number of years, but the land has massive potential for improvement and to form a key gateway to Portsmouth.


Regenerating the area will bring major benefits to the city, most notably create much needed homes and jobs; encourage sustainable transport; clean-up of former industrial land; create new open spaces, parks and waterside walks including access to a new Horsea Island Country Park. Regeneration of land to the east of the M275 is already underway, the new motorway junction and park and ride were opened in 2014, while land owned by the Homes England and Tipner Regeneration Company (TRC) is being prepared for development. Eventually it is planned to develop on both sides of the motorway with a bridge link to Horsea Island which will provide a route for Bus Rapid Transit and access to a new country park from the south. 

Homes England (previously Homes and Community Agency or HCA) owns land to the east of the M275, this can be seen in the documents section below under City Deal sites land ownership and planning applications. It has conditional outline permission to build up to 80 homes and 615 square metres of commercial space.


It also owns other land nearby and has submitted a planning application to build 27 homes adjacent to Tipner Lane and Range Green and a planning application to build five homes adjacent to Target Road and the former greyhound stadium.


Work on the HCA land originally began in June 2012 when it started cleaning the PD Fuels site in preparation for development. 

TRC owns land on the east of the M275 and currently has conditional outline permission to build up to 518 homes.


Some site preparation work began in March 2015.

In April 2014 the new Tipner Interchange junction opened and created access to enable the regeneration of sites on the west of the M275. We are aiming to create 1,250 homes and 30,000sqm of business space on this land.


The council, Ministry of Defence (MoD) and John Pounds all own land in Tipner West, this can be seen in the documents section below under 'City Deal sites land ownership and planning applications'.


Tipner Firing Range is currently owned by the MoD but Defence but contracts have been exchanged to transfer this land to the council once the MoD has been able to relocate the facility to their large firing range at Longmoor near Bordon.


A planning application for a temporary road submitted by Adams Hendry Consulting Limited on behalf of John Pounds giving the tenants on land owned by John Pounds at Tipner West access to the M275 has been given conditional planning permission. After careful consideration the council believes it has found an acceptable way to provide a temporary route allowing lorries and other vehicles travelling to business sites on the west of the M275 to use the new motorway junction.  This would alleviate the heavy traffic using the northern part of Twyford Avenue and reduce the inconvenience to local residents.


The proposed new route for existing commercial lorry traffic, on the west of the M275, can only be a temporary measure because a permanent route could conflict with future regeneration plans for all of the land on the west of the motorway, including Tipner Firing Range. We are waiting to hear back from other landowners on the proposal in order that it can be progressed. If it goes ahead the temporary route may also be able to provide access for any construction traffic to working on new developments.

The Horsea Island East site is currently owned by the Ministry of Defence but ownership will be transferred to the council. We anticipate being able to create 25,000sqm of business space on this site.

We are developing a new country park on the former landfill site to the north-west of the M275. You can find out more details, including plans, on the Horsea Island Country Park page.


It will offer visitors 128 acres of public green open space which is the equivalent of 86 football pitches of land.


Horsea Island Country Park will include woodland with 50,000 trees and shrubs as well as grass areas, wild-flower meadows, footpaths, cycle routes, picnic areas and stunning views across Portsmouth Harbour.


The landscaping of the site will be carried out by our contractors Veolia in accordance with the planning conditions for the landfilling operations.


The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership has contributed to the road works and car park element of the project.

Land in Port Solent has the potential to be developed with 500 homes and 2,000sqm of business space. This development will be progressed by the leaseholders of Port Solent.

The City Deal plans include a bridge to link the  sites in Tipner and Horsea Island. This would be to the west of the M275 running parallel to it.

The bridge would allow buses, cyclists and pedestrians access between  Tipner West and Horsea Island East, the new country park, Port Solent and beyond. It would also allow cars to access the business space created in Horsea Island East, but cars would not be able to go across the country park to Port Solent, only buses would be able to do this.

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