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Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

A student is any person taking a course at an educational establishment, such as university or college, and includes:

  • those over 20 years of age who are enrolled on a full-time course at university or college that lasts for at least one academic or calendar year, where the student is required to attend for at least 24 weeks of the year and undertake at least 21 hours of study, tuition or work experience each week during term time.
  • those under 20 years old who are taking a course that lasts for at least 3 months and is a qualifying course of education, such as A-levels or at the same level or below, and includes more than 12 hours a week study time, during the day. Correspondence courses are not included.
  • foreign language assistants who are registered with The British Council and are working at a school or other educational establishment. 

It is unlikely that students studying English at the many language schools in Portsmouth will be regarded as 'full time students' for Council Tax purposes because usually the courses are not long enough to be counted.

Sometimes - although you might be able to claim a full exemption from Council Tax. To qualify for this exemption, the terms of your partner's entry visa to the United Kingdom must stop them working or claiming benefits here. Evidence of the partner’s status will need to be provided, such as their passport or visa.

Some student nurses qualify for Council Tax discount.  Those working towards a first inclusion on the register maintained under the Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitors Act 1979 are not counted for Council Tax purposes. This means that if a property is only occupied by student nurses they will all be disregarded, which qualifies for 50% Council Tax discount.

If a student has to go away, for example due to ill health, but remains enrolled as a student and intends to return to their studies, then their student status continues for Council Tax purposes. The council would need evidence of the break to allow this.

No, properties occupied only by full-time students are exempt once the council has seen evidence of student status for each person living in the house.  The council needs to see this evidence every academic year. 

Evidence of student status for students at the University of Portsmouth is just name, address and student registration number. Students at other educational institutions can ask their university/college for a student certificate to send or bring in.

The council needs confirmation of student status of each person before granting a Council Tax exemption - follow the link to complete and send us this information online.

No, students living in halls of residence don't have to pay because halls of residence themselves are exempt from Council Tax.

Please contact local taxation for more information.

The non-students in the household may be able to claim Council Tax support based on their income. Follow this link to Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions and scroll down to read examples of Council Tax discounts applied in different situations.

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