Coronavirus: council service information and advice

Information about changes to council services as a result of coronavirus

We have lots of great parks and open spaces across the city - which are open for people to use for exercise with their household. 

The children's play facilities and outdoor gym equipment in these areas are currently closed. 

Our parks will continue to be maintained so that people can continue to enjoy them in line with latest government advice.

Sports facilities

Following changes to Government guidance, the following sports facilities are now open:

You are only permitted to take part in activities alone, with members of your household, or with one other person from outside your household, while practising social distancing. Signs explaining the rules will be put up in these areas.

Under the updated guidelines play parks, play equipment and outdoor gyms must not be used. Adventure playgrounds will remain closed.

We will continue to update this list over the coming days.

Using public spaces

It is essential to use these spaces in line with the Government's instructions.

  • You must follow social distancing guidelines, staying at least 2m away from people outside your household.
  • You can meet one other person from a different household, while following social distancing guidance.
  • You must continue to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap, or hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available.

Play parks, play equipment and outdoor gyms cannot be used.

If you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, you must stay and home. You can read the NHS's latest health guidance here.

The Government has issued guidance on what you can and can't do, as well as instructions on how to stay safe outside of your home.

Organisations running outdoor spaces should follow the information set out in the Government's 'Safer Public Spaces' guidance and accompanying coronavirus regulations.

If you think people are breaking social distancing guidelines, you can report it to the police using their online form.

If you think a business is operating in a way it shouldn't be, you can report it to us using this form.


Seafront car parks

  • Closed car parks - Canoe Lake, Pyramids, D-Day
  • Residents only - Clarence Pier, Southsea Common (near the Kings Hotel), Broad Street
  • Residents, permit holders and hovercraft customers - Seafront esplanade

Seafront road closures

The seafront roads are closed to vehicles to give more space for people to social distance whilst they run, walk and cycle along the seafront.

The road is closed between two sections:

  • the ocean at the end of the lane (Western end of Canoe Lake) and St George's Road
  • the D-Day Car Park to Hovertravel.