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What would you rave about locally?  What about Portsmouth makes it better than the rest?

Maybe something about your local area really winds you up? Whether you are ranting or raving - we want to hear about it.

From water to waste, parks to parking, Portsmouth City Council wants to hear your opinions. You have a voice, and whether it's ranting or raving, your opinions count.

How to Rant or Rave

You can find one of our Rant or Rave cards in your local library, community centre, or housing office.

Ranting or Raving is simple: the back of the card has two sides, simply fill in your rant or your rave (or both!) tear off the side you want to use and post in one of our rant or rave collection boxes, or post to the freepost address as found on the card. 

You can also email us your Rants or Raves to   or fill in the online form below.

Rant and Rave feedback

If you'd like us to feedback on a particular issue, provide us with some contact details.

We're also posting all Rants and Raves anonymously on our website, so you can see what others have been saying. 

What happens next

We pass your comments onto Councillors, teams within the Council and relevant companies and organisations, when the comments relate to them. We then also post any feedback we receive in response to your comments, so you can read that too. 

Follow the links to our blogspot to read existing Rant and Rave comments.

You can use the form below to compliment or complain about the council.

Compliment or complain

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