Random Acts of Kindness

The festive season is a time to remember that some people can feel left out while everyone else celebrates. They might be lonely, or struggling financially or for other reasons.

We know how kind and generous Portsmouth people are, so we're encouraging everyone to perform some random acts of kindness - and tell us about it.

Here are some ideas of how you and your family can get involved: 

·         Deliver some handmade cards to your neighbours in your local care home.

·         Check out https://streetsupport.net/portsmouth/ to find out what support you can offer local homeless people. 

·         Litter-pick when you are out and about.

·         Call a relative just to say 'Hi'.

·         Pop a thoughtful note through someone's door.

·         Give a compliment.

·         Write down 10 things that you are grateful for.

·         Offer to pet sit for a neighbour or friend.

·         Smile at those you pass today.

·         Check in on an elderly neighbour to see if you can help them with shopping or house work.

·         Donate some of your unused or unwanted clothes or toys.

We would love to see your acts of kindness, as well as any acts of kindness that you receive. Share them with us on social media by hash tagging #RAoKPompey

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