The needs of our city are changing, so how we design and deliver services must change too.

People from local voluntary, community and social enterprise services (VCSE) in the city, Portsmouth City Council and NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are committed to working together. They will be building on work delivered as part of the Project Bridge initiative, with the objective of building a happier, healthier and more connected city.

There is a shared desire to build strong communities and resilient neighbourhoods within Portsmouth which are able to take social action to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone living and working in the city. There is a recognition that the VCSE, the council and the CCG need to work together as equal partners to co-produce, with the people of Portsmouth, the future well-being of the city.

The physical symbol of this wider partnership is the HIVE Portsmouth, which is the home of the central point of contact for services and community connection in the city. HIVE Portsmouth aims to become the home of social action and enterprise where people can come with ideas and be supported to grow them. It will also be an organisational hub for those in the VCSE who are committed to the vision and culture of HIVE Portsmouth.

A range of services have been commissioned and bid for through the HIVE Portsmouth framework - including a sitting service (My Time) and a social prescribing service - and there are plans to make further bids to support the long term future of the project.

HIVE Portsmouth is:

a commitment - to working differently and being the best we can be

a cooperative - it's a way of giving the voluntary sector an equal seat at the table

a central hub - starting with the Central Library, we're developing a physical front door to statutory and community services - and want to roll out similar locations across the city.

What's happening to the library?

The physical presence of the HIVE is based on the lower ground floor of Portsmouth Central Library.

If you are interested in finding out more about HIVE Portsmouth, please email or call 023 9268 8880

What we have done so far

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