This means ensuring that all our workforce, residents and visitors are treated fairly and are given the same, as much as reasonably possible, life chances. One way of achieving it is through provision of equal access to the services and employment opportunities we offer.

However, it is important to understand that equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, as people have different needs that may need to be met by considering individual circumstances.

Therefore, the council takes positive action, wherever possible, to design and deliver services based on the specific needs of a segment of our community, for example, people with disabilities or older people.


Diversity is about recognising and championing individual differences of our workforce, residents and visitors. Diversity is closely linked to equality as it is through understanding and valuing differences between the peoples of Portsmouth that equality can be furthered.

Our commitment to equality and diversity

The Local Strategic Partnership’s Vision for Portsmouth is for the city to be perceived as:

‘The premier waterfront city, with unrivalled maritime heritage - a great place to live, work and visit'.

Promotion of equality and championing Portsmouth’s diversity are an integral part of this vision.

Equality and Diversity strategy 2019-21

This Strategy sets out our aims of making Portsmouth a fairer and more inclusive city and the means of their delivery. We are working closely with our partners from local public services, businesses and voluntary organisations to achieve these.

The Strategy continues the council’s commitment to ensure the diverse needs of Portsmouth’s residents and visitors are considered and addressed in the day-to-day activities of the council.

The strategy is in the process of being refreshed, out of the strategy we have 5 priorities as our equality objectives with actions below these that will be included in the consultation document to ensure they are still relevant to the people of Portsmouth.

It sets out a number of goals that are to be achieved by individual services across the council, or services working together, in order to address the gaps in the council’s approach to equality and diversity as identified by the Strategy. These objectives are monitored and an annual report will be published on the web showing the progress to date.

If you would like to complete the survey on the specific actions that are in the draft strategy please follow the link

The draft strategy is in the documents below, if you would like to make general comments you can send them to equalities@portsmouthcc.gov.uk by the 02 November 2018.

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