The FAIRTRADE mark, which you can now find on over 2,000 products in the UK, is an international guarantee that the producers have been paid a fair price, received a social premium to fund developments in their community and helped to produce crops with greater respect for the environment.  Fairtrade companies work in partnership with the producers and help them to negotiate better conditions. 

Portsmouth achieved recognition as a Fairtrade City in March 2004. This meant that we had to prove that sufficient shops, cafes, restaurants and local groups used Fairtrade products, that we supported the idea and that we had an effective publicity strategy.

Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation (which is a registered charity and commonly known as just Fairtrade) works with international partners to try to provide better trading conditions for third world producers who may be disadvantaged by the way commodity markets operate.

They have encouraged retailers to buy commodities direct from the producer, at a fair price, which allows the producers to pay their employees a fair wage, thus providing a better standard of living for the producers and their employees.

The Fairtrade Foundation allows products to be labelled as Fairtrade if they meet set criteria. More details can be found on the Fairtrade website, by telephoning 0207405 5942, or by writing to The Fairtrade Foundation, Suite 204, 16 Baldwin's Gardens, London, EC1N 7RJ.

Portsmouth Fairtrade Forum

The Portsmouth Fairtrade Forum meets at the Civic Offices and in Guildhall Square each month. Together with us they helped achieved Fairtrade City status for the city. They organise a range of events to promote Fairtrade locally and they work with local businesses, schools and education groups. Each year, they produce an annual listing of local businesses who have Fairtrade status by selling or serving at least two Fairtrade products.

If you wish to become involved with the Portsmouth Fairtrade Forum you can visit the Portsmouth Fairtrade website or contact Jane Singh at or on 023 9289 0989.

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