If you currently receive housing benefit and your circumstances change, let us know immediately by following the link to the Housing Benefit team on the contact us page. We have to make you aware that any overpaid Housing Benefit due to a change of circumstance may be recovered from you. 

Here are the most common changes of circumstance which affect Housing Benefit:

Rent changes

If your housing association or private landlord changes your rent, you'll need to confirm this to us in writing.  We'll ask to see original evidence of the new rent, any services and date of the change. Your landlord can provide this. 

Moving house

If you move and your income or circumstances change, contact us to complete a new claim form.

If you move and there is no change to either your income or circumstances, there are shorter forms at the bottom of the page to complete:

  • Private and housing association tenants should complete the form below called 'Address change - Private tenants' and provide proof of your new rental liability, for example your tenancy agreement or a letter of confirmation of rent from your landlord. 
  • Council tenants should complete the form 'Local authority change of address form'.  

Benefit payments stop

If your other benefits stop (for example income-based job seekers allowance, income support or income related employment support allowance), complete the form below called 'Housing benefit & council tax support form'.  Please also provide original evidence of your new income and any savings (you won't be asked to provide proof of ID again).

Changes to income or savings

If you receive pension credit, let us know if:

  • your capital increases to an amount over the £16,000 threshold
  • you stop receiving child benefit for any child that you may have living with you
  • there's a change to the income of a family member in your household for whom you do not receive child benefit

Any other changes to your income and or savings, let the pension service know about your change and they will tell us if your pension credit is affected.

If you're of working age and your savings, income or benefits change, let us know and provide us with original proof of the change. 

The number of people in your household changes

Let us know about anyone joining or leaving your household. We'll ask for the date they joined or left, their details and to see original documents.

If the change concerns a partner - whether joining or leaving - it may mean completing a new claim form if the household income alters. We'll ask to see ID and a national insurance number for a partner joining your household.

If you leave the household, please write to us to establish whether the person remaining in the home needs to complete a new form.

If a family member for whom you do not receive child benefit moves in, let us know the date they moved in. We'll also ask to see proof of income. If they're moving out, tell us when they left and their forwarding address.

If someone for whom you receive child benefit joins the household, let us know the date they moved in and provide proof that you get child benefit for this person. If it's a new baby, we'll ask to see the birth certificate.

If a boarder, joint tenant, sub-tenant or carer joins or leaves the household let us know their name and either the date they arrived and the rent charged, or the date they left and their forwarding address.

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