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The Portsmouth and Southsea Car Boot Sale is back on Sundays, near Duisburg Way on Southsea Common.

The car boot will begin at 7am and end at 1pm. Traders will be able to access the site from 6.30am and can load out until 1.30pm.

A selection of hot and cold food and drink will be available on site.

As seasoned Car Booters will tell you, this event does rely on the weather. In the case that the event has to be cancelled, organisers will get the message out as early as possible through the Facebook page:

When are Car Boots on?
Sundays between 2 April 2023 and 28 May 2023 (weather permitting). If the event is called off due to bad weather, the communication is sent out as early as possible through the official Facebook page ( There will also be staff and signage on site earlier in the day notifying of cancellations.

What time does it start?
Traders are asked to arrive from 6.30am onwards, the final cut off being 8am. Buyers are encouraged to arrive from 7.30am onwards.

What time does it end?
Trading currently ends at 1pm and the site needs to be completely clear of traders, buyers and vehicles by 1.30pm.

How much do pitches cost for traders?
Pitches start at £10 for a regular car pitch. Cars with trailers and larger vehicles are £12, vans are £15. Vans with trailers, boxes, cages or flatbeds are not allowed, only closed transit vans or similar. Pitch fees are charged in relation to the space taken up and vehicle size and type. Organisers encourage traders to keep their pitch to the length of the side of their vehicle if they are along the side and along the boot of their vehicles if they are parked in the centre. This includes the end of the centre. Any traders who take up more space will be charged in relation to this. Pitch fees are charged at full discretion of site management.

Can I bring goods from my business to sell?
The Car Boot sale is open to the general public to bring goods along to sell directly to the buyers e.g. members of the public clearing out pre-used items. It is not a market and therefore is not able to support businesses or traders directly selling their goods to the public as an alternative option to the Council’s market trading sites. Should such traders be found on site they will be spoken to by the Event Manager and, if practical, asked to leave the site. They may also be advised that they will not be able to return to future car boot sales.

Does the Car Boot still raise money for charity?
After covering costs all profit from each Car Boot, generated from pitch fees and concessions fees is donated to local charities (details to be confirmed).

Do buyers have to pay an entrance fee?
No. The Car Boot offers free entry for all general buyers.

Can I bring a trailer?
Trailers are welcomed on site for cars only and there will be an additional cost.

Can I arrive early?
Organisers prefer everyone to arrive at the Car Boot Sale at the correct times. If you do arrive early then please be prepared to wait in the holding zone until staff are ready to site you.

Can I leave early?
Vehicle movement is restricted until 11.30am to maintain a safe environment. Traffic marshals will escort you off site in an emergency and when a safe window becomes available after 11.30. If you leave without a marshal escort, the registration will be noted and that car will not be allowed back on site all season.

Does my vehicle need to be on site while I trade?
Yes, traders are not able to unload their vehicle, remove it from site and trade from a table. All traders must trade with their vehicle on site.

Can I pre-book a pitch or choose where I park and set up?
The Car Boot Sale operates on a turn-up-and-pay system. Organisers cannot guarantee specific pitches. There is a tight timescale to fit all sellers onsite which requires precision parking marshalling by the stewards. To guarantee every trader an exact pitch would be unachievable.

Where should I enter the site?
Traders: Please arrive at the Duisburg Way, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO5 3SB.
General buyers and members of the public: Please use the pedestrian entrances to the area. Organisers encourage buyers to arrive on foot but there is car parking available nearby along the Seafront.

What if I am running late, can I still get a space?
8am is the final cut off for traders, provided they can still be fitted in safely.

Are there toilets on site?
Toilets are available nearby with Clarence Parade Pier public toilets opening early. Site stewards will direct you accordingly.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome on site but must be kept on their leads at all times.

Can I unload my car and go home for more goods?
Unfortunately not. Due to the layout of the boot sale, once a car is parked it needs to stay where it is until the vehicle movement window opens. If you have more goods than will fit in your car organisers would suggest bringing more than one car or doing the boot sale several times.

Can I leave unsold items on the site?
No. All traders must take any unsold items away with them. Traders are responsible for leaving their pitch clean at the end of trading. All rubbish must be taken away with the trader as the end of the event.

Strictly no counterfeit goods
It is illegal to sell counterfeit goods anywhere in the UK and PSCBS is no exception.

Can I sell food? I’ve made some cakes etc.
There are approved food traders on site at PSCBS and organisers do not allow anyone else to sell food or drinks. Anyone reported to be selling food or drinks on site without approval will be asked to remove such items from sale and/or asked to leave and will not be offered a refund. This includes homemade cakes. No form of drink sale is allowed, cans, bottles large or small, freshly made, frozen, alcoholic or otherwise.

Zero tolerance for abuse to staff
If staff or security experience verbal abuse it will not be tolerated. Vehicles will be escorted off site and will be banned from future trading and no refund will be given.

Other non-permitted items:
No waste transfer; no knives including kitchen knives; no lighters/ no smoking devices including cigarettes: e-cigarettes, pipes, rolling papers, lighters, cigars, chewing tobacco and any other smoking related items; no alcohol wine or spirits; no firearms, air rifles, BB Guns or other dangerous weapons; no prescription/pharmacy medicines; no fireworks, explosives or other flammable items; nothing deemed illegal under current UK law.

Organisers want PSCBS to safe family friendly environment. Anyone found trading in these items at PSCBS will be removed from the site without refund and if applicable, the relevant authorities informed. Site management reserve the right to remove any item they deem inappropriate for sale.