Working with us - an introduction

Information about the council's approach to procuring goods and services, including how to find procurement opportunities.

Workplace health

Information about the Work Health and Wellbeing Hallmark, developed by the council for local businesses


Advice on dealing with wasps, wasp nest removal and contact details for our pest control team

Weight loss and weight management

This page gives you links to weight management services in Portsmouth which help you lose or gain weight or with eating disorders.

Wildlife and conservation

Find out about nationally rare species of plants on Eastney Beach.

Walking in Portsmouth

Information on walking in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Working and child tax credits

Information about claiming working and child tax credits

Working in childcare

Quick links to information about working in childcare and starting a childcare business.

Waiting list and appeals for a school place

Details about how to appeal for a school place.

World War I plaques

On this page you can find digital versions of the World War I remembrance plaques which were placed around the city for Remembrance Day 2018.

Wellington Street (TTRO 06/2020)

Wembley Grove (95/2020)

West Street (100/2020)

Work and Health Programme

Portsmouth City Council deliver a work and health programme for Seetec Pluss in the Portsmouth area.

Who we engaged with

See who engaged in the sports and leisure consultation

Warren Avenue (TTRO 44/2022)

Warren Avenue (TTRO 56/2022)

Water Mains Replacement (TTRO 64/2022)

Wilson Road (73/2022)

White Swan Road (TTRO 83/2022)

Warren Avenue (TTRO 170/2022)

Willis Road (TTRO 191/2022)

Walsall Road (TTRO 203/2022)

Working with people during the cost of living crisis

If you work with people in the city either as part of your job or as a volunteer, you’ll know that things are tough for people right now.

Walker Road (TTRO 31/2023)

Wymering Road (TTRO 42/2023)

Wallisdean Avenue (TTRO 44/2023

Waterworks Road (TTRO 57/2023)

Winchester Road (TTRO 60/2023)

Widley Road (TTRO 82/2023)

Wayte Street (TTRO 93/2023)

Waterworks Road (TTRO 100/2023)

Watermead Road (TTRO 114/2023)

Wilson Road (TTRO 127/2023)

Wykeham Road (TTRO 124/2023

Washbrook Road (215/2023)

Washington Road (TTRO 221/2023)

Waterworks Road (TTRO 248/2023)

Widley Walk (TTRO 262/2023)

Wilton Place (TTRO 302/2023)

Warm spaces

Find warm spaces near to you this winter. Friendly, welcoming places where you can meet others, take part in activities, get a warm drink or meal, or spend some quiet time away from your home.

What happens to your noise complaint

This page gives you information about what will happen when you submit a noise complaint to us.

Walker Road (TTRO 156/2023)

Wecock Farm housing office

This page gives you details of Wecock Farm housing office, including where it is and how to get in touch.

Waterfront Coastal Half Marathon (TTRO 327/2023)

Willis Road (TTRO 1/2024)

Whitley Road (TTRO 23/2024)

Winterhill Road (TTRO 30/2024)

Waste Management 'Leaf It Out' garden waste collection service - privacy notice

Privacy notice for residents using the Leaf It Out garden waste collection service

Waste management collection - privacy notice

This privacy notice relates to the waste management services for the council. It explains how your data is controlled by the service.