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Information on the council's procurement and tendering process.

Training services for businesses

Information on how our learning and development team could help your business.

Transport for businesses

Information on Portsmouth's business transport links.

Trading standards

Signposting consumers to fair and honest businesses, and tips for avoiding unscrupulous trading practices

Tall buildings

Information and documentation for developers designing tall buildings in Portsmouth.

Tree works and tree preservation orders

Information about tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas.

The local plan

The Local Plan provides spatial planning policies for Portsmouth.

The Portsmouth Plan adopted 2012

Information about Portsmouth's plan for housing, employment, retail and infrastructure development.

Teeth and dental

Information on finding an NHS dentist in Portsmouth and how to take care of your teeth at home.


Introduction to Telecare - a personal alarm service always there for you, day or night.

Telecare FAQs

Answers to your questions on using the Telecare service.

Town and village greens

Legal definitions of greens, and how to go about registering a new green.

Tennis in Portsmouth

Information about tennis facilities available in Portsmouth.

Trees in Portsmouth

Temporary event notices

Information about Temporary Event Notices.

The tattooing hygiene rating scheme

Information on the tattooing hygiene rating scheme.

The letting agent and property managers redress scheme

Information for letting agents and property managers

The policing crime act 2009 - the new mandatory conditions

Details of The Policing & Crime Act 2009 - The New Mandatory Conditions.

Traffic regulation orders 2016

A listing of Information about 2016 traffic regulation orders.

Traffic regulation orders 2017

A listing of Information about 2017 traffic regulation orders.

Traffic regulation orders 2018

A listing of Information about 2018 traffic regulation orders.

Traffic regulation orders 2019

A listing of Information about 2019 traffic regulation orders.

Traffic regulation orders 2020

A listing of Information about 2020 traffic regulation orders.


On this page you will find links to all the travel information on our website.

The Hard Interchange

Information on The Hard, including the facilities on site and contact details.

Transforming Cities Fund

The Transforming Cities Fund will enable the next phase of the South East Hampshire Rapid Transit network

Travel - general information

The travel section includes information to help plan your journeys whether train, bus, foot or hovercraft.

Tax-free childcare and childcare vouchers

Information about applying for tax-free childcare and childcare vouchers

Term Times magazine

The current Lord Mayor of Portsmouth

Information about the current Lord Mayor, their charities and events.

The Lord Mayor

Information about the Lord Mayor and how to arrange for the Lord Mayor to make an official visit.

The Lord Mayors Office

How to address the Lord Mayor, and information about the history of The Guildhall, which houses the Lord Mayor's office.


Information about council transparency, including Freedom of Information and our privacy notice

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Portsmouth Health and Wellbeing Board is under a statutory obligation to draft, consult upon and publish a pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA).

Transparency agenda

Information on transparency regarding salaries, payments to suppliers, the contracts register and annual reports.


Information about Portsmouth's twin city links with Caen and Duisburg, sister city links with Haifa, Maizuru, Portsmouth (Virginia), and Sydney, and friendship links with Lakewood (Colorado), Portsmouth (New Hampshire), and Zha Lai Te Qi in China.

Top tips on bathroom waste

Recycle Now has drawn up a handy list of the top 10 items that can (and should) be recycled from the bathroom

Transport and travel - coronavirus information

The latest government advice is that people should avoid non-essential travel and social contact.

Trade Union Facilities Report

Trade Union Facilities Report - July 2020

TRO 86/2020 Various parking restrictions

TRO 86/2020 Various parking restrictions - Plan

The Circle - Lennox Road North (TTRO 31/2020)

TRO 17/2020 MI Zone: Middlesex Road area

The Hard (99/2020)

Test and trace support payments

Information about test and trace support payments for those who must self-isolate but can't work from home and will lose income as a result.

Temporary Events Notices - coronavirus information

Guidance for submission of Temporary Events Notices during Covid-19 restrictions.

TTRO 117/2020

TTRO 118/2020 M275

Telecare service - privacy notice

Temporary recruitment agency - privacy notice

Traffic Regulation Orders 2021

Find descriptions and public notices for 2021 traffic regulation orders (TRO), temporary traffic regulation orders (TTRO), experimental traffic regulation orders (ETRO), speed limit orders (SLO) and special event notices

Tangier Road (TTRO 11/2021)

The Circle (TTRO 10/2021)

Taxi Driver Additional Restrictions Support Grant

We are using grant funding to provide a flat payment of £400 to all currently licensed taxi and private hire drivers in Portsmouth.

Test and Trace Discretionary Payments Scheme Policy

Information about the test and trace discretionary payment scheme.

Twyford Avenue Coastal Promenade Leading North To London Road (TTRO 52/2021)

The Vale (TTRO 75/2021)

Tangier Road (TTRO 80/2021)

Tree preservation order consent - checklist

This page lists a checklist of documents needed to apply for a Tree Preservation Order consent.

Tenant and landlord responsibilities