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Retail sector

Information on developments and support for the retail sector in Portsmouth.

Relocate and invest

Key information about Portsmouth's local economy, and the benefits of investing in the Great Waterfront City.

Relocating to Portsmouth

Information about services and support for relocating your business to Portsmouth.

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations related to running businesses in Portsmouth. This is not a full list of all business laws, rules and regulations.

Running a business

On this page you can find links to information about running a business, including business rates information, advice and support for starting and growing your business, and other useful guidance.

Redundancy support

Portsmouth City Council offers redundancy support to employees who have been made redundant, or who are under the threat of redundancy, as well as to businesses who are obliged to make staff redundant.

Reducing crime through design

Information on planning documents supporting community safety in new developments.


On this page you will find links to all our pages about regeneration in Portsmouth.


Our pest control team can help you deal with rats. Find out what we can do, and other useful tips for dealing with a rat infestation.

Residential care for children

Details on Residential care provided by Portsmouth City Council

Respite care for children

Information about shared care, frequently asked questions about respite care and information on how to offer care.

Relationship, sex and health education

Children and young people need to know how to be safe and healthy.

Respecting each other

Everyone deserves to have fun on a night out. The easiest way to achieve this is to be respectful of others and think about how your actions and behaviour might affect them.

Rent a garage or parking space

How to rent a council garage or parking space.

Renting out a room - help for tenants and leaseholders

Advice and guidance to renting out a room in your council property.

Resident engagement

Council tenants voice to tailor housing services to their needs

Retaliatory evictions

Information on support for tenants who maybe subject to a retaliatory eviction from their landlord.

Rebalancing the licensing act - government response

Details about Rebalancing the Licensing Act - Government Response to Consultation.

Review of premises licences and club premises certificates

Guidance and information on how to apply for a review of a premises licence, and what the process involves.

Resident parking permits

Information on the residents parking scheme, including how to get a permit.

Resident parking zones

Information on resident parking zones in Portsmouth - including the current parking zones survey.


On this page you will find links to information about roads in Portsmouth.

Road and traffic regulation changes

Find out about traffic regulation orders and stopping up orders around the city.

Road safety for children to and from school

Information on school road safety, driving or walking to school.

Road safety in Portsmouth

Information on how the council aims to achieve a safer road network for the people of Portsmouth.

Road safety working with schools

How we work with schools to improve the safety of school journeys, including the JRSO scheme.

Roadworks and closures

Details of all current or planned roadworks in the city of Portsmouth. Includes information about how long the works are scheduled for and the location.

Recycling and rubbish

Recycling and rubbish in Portsmouth - find collection dates, report missed collections, find out what you can recycle and all other recycling and rubbish enquiries for Portsmouth residents.


Guidance and advice on recycling and collection services.

Roads covered by the food waste collection service

Find out if your road is in the food waste trial


Guidance and advice on rubbish and collection services.

Register office

Portsmouth register office carries out all registration and citizenship services for Portsmouth, including marriages and civil partnerships, officiating at approved Portsmouth venues. birth registrations and changing birth certificate details.

Registering a birth

Information on registering a birth with the Portsmouth Register Office.

Registering a death

Information on registering a death with the Portsmouth Register Office.

Registering a stillborn child

Information on registering a stillbirth with the Portsmouth Register Office.

Registrars consultation

Every year we ask our customers to tell us about their experience with Portsmouth Registration Service and how they rate our service.


On this page you can report various matters. For example, tell us if you've moved house, or report a problem such as street lighting failure.

Review your school application

You can review your starting school, transferring to junior and transferring to secondary applications online

Re use of public sector information regulations

This gives you information on the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.

Recycling and rubbish mythbusters

Knowing what to recycle or not can be confusing. We hope to dispel myths and give answers to these common questions to help you carry on recycling.

Reasonable adjustments policy statement

Portsmouth City Council is committed to making sure the way we work does not place people with disabilities at a disadvantage when accessing services.

Raglan Street (102/2020)

Recruitment - privacy notice

As part of any recruitment process, Portsmouth City Council (PCC) collects and processes personal data relating to job applicants.

Revenues and benefits service - privacy notice

Portsmouth City Council Revenues and Benefits Service collects data from you as a local tax payer and/or as a housing benefit customer.

Reasons and Appeals Secondary Transfer 2021

If you have made an application online and have received offer information telling you that you have been unsuccessful in gaining a place at one of your preferred schools please read the information on this page.

Reasons and Appeals Starting School 2021

Reasons and Appeals Junior Transfer 2021

Replacement Homes or repurchases

Removal, Variation or Discharge of condition - checklist

A checklist of documents needed to apply for Removal, Variation or Discharge of condition.

Registrars and registration authorities Annex A

List of processing activities for registrars, superintendent registrars and registration authorities

Residents' parking survey results 2012

Residents' parking survey results 2012 made by Portsmouth City Council

Responsible procurement policy

Responsible procurement means environmentally, socially (ethically) and economically responsible purchasing.

Race for Life and Pretty Muddy (TTRO 123/2021)

Renting support

Remembrance Day Service (TTRO 129/2021)

Rudmore Roundabout Subway and Ramps (TTRO 74/2022)

RNA Falklands 40 Field Gun Walk (TTRO 107/2022)

Race for Life & Pretty Muddy (TTRO 122/2022)

Rochford Road (TTRO 125/2022)

Review of polling districts and polling places

This page details how we are undertaking a review of polling districts and polling places to ensure that polling arrangements remain suitable and convenient for voters.

Referendum on the Milton Neighbourhood Plan

This page details a referendum on the Milton Neighbourhood Plan which will be held on Thursday 18 August 2022