Preparing for Universal Credit

This page gives you advice about how to prepare for the introduction of Universal Credit.


Popular activities and quick links to information about working with the council, contract opportunities and payments.

Portsmouth City Council suppliers

Information on purchasing cards which streamlines the purchasing process for the council and its suppliers.

Partnership for Urban South Hampshire

An introduction to the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) and its work to map out the future of the region.

Portsmouth - the great waterfront city

Guidance for organisations interested in promoting Portsmouth using the 'great waterfront city' branding.

Portsmouth's key statistics

Business data and statistics about Portsmouth.

Portsmouth business crime reduction partnership

How businesses can contribute to reducing crime in Portsmouth.

Planning applications

On this page you will find links to all pages with information about planning applications.

Planning application appeals

Information for appealing against refused planning permission.

Planning applications process and fees

Information on planning application fees and the decisions process.

Planning applications - view and comment

How to monitor the progress or make comments on a planning application online.

Planning houses in multiple occupation

Information on how 2011 changes in the law affects landlord of houses in multiple occupation.

Pre-application planning advice

Details of our service advising on planning permission matters.

Planning policy

On this page you will find links to all planning policy information available on our website.

Planning agreements and obligations

Information on the planning obligations developers must adhere to.

Planning conservation

Information on conservation areas and listed buildings in Portsmouth.

Planning enforcement policy

How the council enforces breaches of planning regulations.

Portsmouth City Local Plan adopted 2006

Details of the plan for Portsmouth, some of which has been replaced by the Portsmouth Plan.

Parking standards and transport assessments SPD

Supporting documentation and explanation around the revised guidance

Pollution control

Information on how the council regulates noise and air pollution, and how to report it.

Portsmouth preparations for climate change

Portsmouth City Council's commitments to building resilience to climate change are described in the policy on this page.

Pest control

Our pest control team provides an effective pest control service for residents and businesses in Portsmouth at competitive prices. If you have a pest problem, get in touch straight away.

Preliminary flood risk assessment

This assessment is a high level screening exercise, to collect information on past, historic and future potential floods.

Portsmouth family hubs

Information about family hubs and support for parents of children under five.

Portsmouth Wellbeing Service

Information on what the council's Wellbeing Service can offer.

Purchasing small areas of land

Information about the process for purchasing small areas of land in Portsmouth

Private tenants

On this page you will find links to information for private tenants.

Power cuts

This page gives you information about what to do in the event of a power cut.

Portsmouth Stray Dog Kennels

What to do if you need to report a lost or stray dog, plus helpful advice from our team at Portsmouth Stray Dog Kennels.


On this page you will find links to all the information about parks in Portsmouth on our website, including adventure playgrounds

Parks, gardens and open spaces

Information about parks, gardens and open spaces in Portsmouth.

Portsdown Hill

An introduction to the history and wildlife of Portsdown Hill.

Planning an event

How to apply to hold an event in Portsmouth.

Playgrounds activity areas and skate parks

Find out about playgrounds, activity areas and skate parks available in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth leisure card

Find out about how to get a Portsmouth leisure card.

Portsmouth tree charter

We are committed to developing and improving the city's 30,000 trees, many of which are prime specimens from a wide variety of species

Personal licences

How to apply for a personal licence, and information about how personal licences are regulated.

Premises licences

Information about applications and regulation of premises licences.

Premises licences at a gambling venue

How to obtain a premises licence for a gambling venue.

Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011

Information for operators regarding the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act.

Preventing Underage Sales staff training

Information on Preventing Underage Sales staff training.

Private hire drivers licence

How to apply for a private hire driver's licence.

Private hire operators licence

How to apply for a private hire operator's licence.

Private hire vehicle licence

Here you will find a general guide to the legal requirements, technical specifications, policies and requirements to obtain a private hire vehicle licence.

Parking, roads and travel

Top tasks and information for parking, travel and roads in Portsmouth.


On this page you will find links to all of the information about parking on our website. Apply for a permit, report a parking issue or find car parks.

Parking fines and penalty charge notices

Information on paying for or appealing a Penalty Charge Notice.

Parking restrictions and dropped kerbs

Information on parking restrictions including how to get them introduced or changed.

Parking survey results

Summary of responses from questionnaires sent to residents

Parking suspensions

Information on how to reserve a parking space on the road for a specific use, such as building works.

Pompey monster walk to school challenge

Information on our new walking to school pilot scheme.

Public rights of way

Information on public rights of way including maps and Rights of Way orders.

Public transport information

Information and links on the range of public transport in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth cemeteries

Information on Portsmouth cemeteries, memorials, visiting, Books of Remembrance and more.

People and skills

Information about the employment strengths, skills and qualifications in Portsmouth

Portsmouth educational psychology service

Information about Portsmouth educational psychology service.

Portsmouth Music Hub

Information about opportunities and support for Portsmouth musicians.

Policies and strategies

Information about the council's main policies and strategies, our partnerships and how we work.

Payments to suppliers

Information on monthly payments made to our suppliers.

Publication scheme and registers

Our publication scheme helps you find information available online, without making a formal Freedom of Information (FoI) request.

Political composition of the council

This gives details of the political composition of Portsmouth City Council from 1990.

Portsmouth's armed forces community

Funding available to strengthen ties between the Armed Forces and their community.

Portsmouth's Coat of Arms

History of Portsmouth's famous coat of arms and our city motto 'Heaven's light our guide'.

Petitions and e-petitions

You'll be able to complete a one-time registration for our e-petition scheme. Once registered, you'll be able to sign current petitions. You can also view past petitions, find out how to set up and submit your own, and receive updates.


Make a payment to the council online - whether that's for Council Tax, housing rent, to pay a parking fine or more.

Port Health Authority

Portsmouth is a UK Border Control Post. Our Port Health Authority team is responsible for food safety and the control of infectious diseases at Portsmouth Port.

Portsmouth Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

Book an appointment for the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Portsmouth, and view more details about how it's operating.

Pavement licences

This new process has been introduced in 2020. It makes it cheaper for businesses to secure a licence to place furniture on the highway.

Public Health COVID-19 Testing data - privacy notice

This notice provides details of how Portsmouth City Council Public Health collects and uses information about COVID-19 Testing data.

Park Road (TTRO 93/2020)

Details of the traffic regulation order for Park Road (TTRO 93), including the reason, duration and location of the order.

Providence Place (TTRO 47/2020)

Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon (TTRO 24)

Priory Crescent (TTRO 44/2020)

Pavement Licence - application guidance notes and conditions

Guidance prepared by the Government with information about making an application for a pavement licence with clarification on PCC requirements.

Planning applications - frequently asked questions

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about planning applications, including whether your proposal needs planning permission.

Parking - privacy notice

This privacy policy explains how the parking service collects and uses personal information.

Photographic consent

If we take your photo, this page gives you information about how we process the photographs and personal data collected at the same time.

Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board - privacy notice

This privacy notice tells you about how Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board (PSCB) collects and uses personal information.

Private sector housing - privacy notice

Public health and birth records - privacy notice

This notice provides details of how Portsmouth City Council collects and uses information about births.

Public Health and Death Records - privacy notice

Primary Community Schools Admission Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2022-23 for Community Primary Schools and Voluntary Controlled Schools in Portsmouth.

Pay policy statement 2021-22

This page contains the Pay Policy Statement 2021-22 for Portsmouth City Council.

Priory Crescent (TTRO 41/2021)

Prevent privacy notice

Play Out Pompey - Whitwell Road (TTRO 72/2021)

Play Out Pompey - Francis Avenue (TTRO 69/2021)

Public health national child measurement programme - privacy notice

Public health - privacy notice

Public Health Portsmouth improves and protects the health of the whole population in Portsmouth. We do this in a number of different ways.

Play Street - Melbourne Place (TTRO 81/2021)

Private sector housing tenant group

Private Sector Housing tenant representation group

Prior Approval of a proposed larger home extension - checklist

This page lists a checklist of documents needed to apply for a prior approval of a proposed larger home extension.

Prior Approval (various) - checklist

This page lists documents needed for various applications for prior approval.

Prior Approval for the demolition of buildings - checklist

On this page you can find information about and a checklist of documents needed for prior approval for the demolition of buildings.

Pre application planning advice and fees

Pre application planning advice charges and information about the service as of July 2014

Prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code system operators - checklist

This page lists a checklist of documents needed to apply for a prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code system operators.

Pay policy statement 2020-21

This policy statement has been produced in accordance with Sections 38 to 43 of the Localism Act 2011 (the Act), and is compliant with the Local Government Transparency Code 2014.

Portsmouth registration office privacy notice

This policy explains how the information we collect about you is used and your rights in relation to that information.

Portsmouth RNLI 10k (TTRO 107/2021)

Play Out Pompey - Lindley Avenue (TTRO 108/2021)

Payments to suppliers - spending report explanatory information

This page contains a payments to suppliers spending report explanation table by Portsmouth City Council.

Personal Licences - Relevant Offences

A list of offences associated with personal licences under Licensing Act 2003 – Schedule 4.

Portsmouth tenancy strategy

The tenancy strategy must summarise the policies relating to tenancies or explain where they may be found.

Penalty Notices Information

School attendance penalty notices information leaflet

Penalty Notice - Leave of Absence in term time

School attendance Penalty Notice - Leave of Absence

Purchase order - conditions of contract

These terms and conditions apply to every order placed by Portsmouth City Council ('the Council') with any individual, firm or company ('the Supplier').

Play Out Pompey - Chetwynd Road (TTRO 127/2021)

Private hire licence fees

Page details Private hire licence fees with effect from 16 December 2019

Portsdown Road (TTRO 135/2021)

Play Out Pompey - Nancy Road (TTRO 139/2021)

Pigeon House Lane (TTRO 142/2021)

Play Out Pompey - Francis Avenue (TTRO 143/2021)

Portsmouth aspirations week 2024

Portsmouth Aspirations Week runs 22-26 January 2024. Find out more about the events taking place that week.

Psychosis – guidance for 11-16 year olds

Sometimes people with psychosis can struggle to recognise that they have a problem or it can be confusing to understand what is happening.

Palmerston Road (South) and Villiers Road (TTRO 33/2022)

Pelham Road (TTRO 46/2022)

Portsmouth shows support for Ukraine

Information on how Portsmouth City Council is supporting Ukrainians fleeing the conflict in their country using UK visa schemes

Pangbourne Avenue (TTRO 61/2022)

Pay policy statement 2022-23

This page contains the pay policy statement 2022-23 for Portsmouth City Council.

Peronne Road (TTRO 111/2022)

Portsmouth Grammar School Graduation Parade (TTRO 118/2022)

Public toilets in Portsmouth

A list and maps of all toilets available for public use across the city.

Portsea Carnival Parade

Portsdown Road (TTRO 153/2022)

Portsdown Avenue (TTRO 159/2022)

Preston Road (TTRO 157/2022)

Pensioner Energy Costs Payments privacy notice

Pensioner Energy Costs Payments privacy notice

Park It Card user guide

Details about using your park-it card at the Isambard Brunel multi-storey car park.

Private rented sector access schemes

This page gives details of one of our housing priorities, to ensure the affordability and supply of good quality privately rented housing.

Portsmouth mourns HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Lord Mayor, Councillors and Officers of Portsmouth City Council would like to express their deep sadness following the recent announcement of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Flags in the city are being flown at half-mast as mark of respect.

Paulsgrove Community Centre

Portsmouth demography - JSNA report

This page will provide you with key information on the demography of Portsmouth, as well as links to detailed reports for each ward.

Portsmouth's armed forces children and families

We work in partnership with a range of other providers to provide services for children and families.

Portsmouth's armed forces housing services

In our policy we have recognised and responded to barriers that some members of the armed forces community can face with housing.

Portsmouth’s armed forces health and wellbeing

We have a duty to improve the health of our local population, including service personnel, those who have served and their families.

Pitreavie Road (TTRO 4/2023)

Paying for your social care

Social care, unlike health care, isn’t free for everyone. Most people will need to pay something towards the cost of their care and support.

Private Sector Housing Enforcement fees 2024

Charges for different types of enforcement notices for private sector housing.

Powerscourt Road (TTRO 49/2023)

Prinsted Crescent (TTRO 79/2023)

Powerscourt Road (TTRO 86/2023)

Pitreavie Road (TTRO 91/2023)

Pay policy statement 2023-24

This Pay Policy Statement explains its approach to the pay of its chief officers and its lowest paid employees.

Portsmouth cemeteries fees

Fees for cemetery services including interment, cremation and digging of graves.

Public inquiry for St James Hospital

Two appeals were submitted following the Council's failure to determine the following applications within the statutory time period for a decision.

Pembroke Road (TTRO 191/2023)

Pembroke Road (TTRO 231/2023)

Portsmouth Guildhall

Portsmouth Guildhall sits opposite the Civic Offices and hosts events, conferences and weddings.

Portsdown Hill Road (TTRO 237/2023)

Park Lane (TTRO 255/2023)

Poverty and cost of living - JSNA report

The Cost of Living JSNA Report shows data that can help us understand the impact of the rising cost of living in Portsmouth.

Penny Street

Pitcroft Lane (TTRO 292/2023)

Portsdown Avenue (TTRO 154/2023)

Portsmouth Road (TTRO 155/2023)

Paulsgrove housing office

This page gives you details of Paulsgrove housing office, including where it is and how to get in touch.

Portsea housing office

This page gives you details of Portsea housing office, including where it is and how to get in touch.

Portsmouth's climate targets

In 2019, we declared a climate emergency with targets to make our operations carbon net zero by 2030 and help our city on the same journey.

Portsmouth Pop Up

The Portsmouth Pop Up shop scheme enables local entrepreneurs and small businesses to trade in a high street location without the commitment or cost of a longer-term lease.

Private hire driver's licence - guidance

This guidance tells you what legal requirements you must meet to get a licence and what we need from you to consider your application

Portsmouth International Port

Information about Portsmouth International Port including its cruise and ferry industry, Portico, the Camber, and Solent Freeport.

Portsmouth SEND Local Offer Young Person's survey

The Portsmouth Young Person's SEND survey is now open and available for young people aged 13-25 to have their say.

Portsmouth Road - High Street (TTRO 19/2024)

Portsmouth Road - High Street (TTRO 25/2024)

Paulsgrove Family Hub

On this page you'll find information about Paulsgrove Family Hub, including its location, main contact person and events and activities.

Police and Crime Commissioner and City Council Elections - 2 May 2024

On this page you'll find information about the Portsmouth police & crime commissioner and local council elections, taking place in May 2024.

Place and environment’s impact on health

This page has information about how the place and environment you live in can impact your health and wellbeing.

Portsmouth deaths - JSNA report

On this page you will find a summary of data on deaths in Portsmouth, including an interactive data report.

Portsmouth births - JSNA report

On this page you will find information about births in Portsmouth, including an interactive data report.

Portsmouth Port health fees 2024

Portsmouth Port Health Authority fees applicable from 30 April 2024.

Portsmouth Grammar School Graduation Parade (TTRO 52/2024)

Portsmouth Football Club Promotion Event (TTRO 61/2024)

PlayZone grant consultation

Portsmouth City Council is applying for the PlayZone grant to offer more opportunities for local people to live happier, healthier lives.

Portsmouth Pride (TTRO 80/2024)

Portsmouth Local Plan evidence

A new Local Plan is being prepared for Portsmouth. This page sets out the emerging evidence base for the Plan.

Portsmouth Local Plan

Work is under way on a new Portsmouth Local Plan, which will seek to deliver the Imagine Portsmouth 2040 Vision.