Non-domestic rates general explanatory notes 2023/2024

Information about non-domestic business rates.

Neighbourhood Forums

How neighbourhood forums work and when they meet

Neighbourhood Watch Association

Neighbourhood watch contact and recruitment information

New local plan evidence

This page sets out the emerging evidence base for a new local plan being prepared for the city. It will be updated as and when new evidence is available.

Nitrate mitigation strategy

An Interim Nutrient Neutral Mitigation Strategy was approved by the Council on 29 November 2019.

No cold calling zones

Information on the roads and blocks which are no cold calling zones.

Noise complaints

Information on our approach to nuisance noise, including how to make a noise complaint and what to do if you get a letter.

NHS health checks

Information on obtaining your free NHS Health Check.

National assistance burials

Process followed by the council for those who die with no relatives or friends.

Newly qualified and supply teachers and application forms for all schools jobs

Details about newly qualified teacher (NQT) and supply teaching in Portsmouth schools, including application forms.

National Fraud Initiative

How the council meets its legal obligations around data matching, including working with the Audit Commission as part of the National Fraud Initiative.

Nelson Road (109/2020)

Neighbourhoods - privacy notice

NA - Priorsdean Avenue - parking zone

Information about the NA (Priorsdean Avenue) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

Northumberland Road (TTRO 14/2021)

New Road (91/2021)

Neighbourhood plans

Information on neighbourhood planning, enabling communities to make decisions on their areas.

Non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission - checklist

A checklist of documents needed for application of non-amendment following a grant of planning permission.

Notice of candidates election address submission

Election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for the Hampshire Police Area

Neighbourhood noise enforcement policy

This enforcement policy sets out the general approach which the City Council will adopt when enforcing specific noise legislation and the more general powers which have been provided to tackle noise related anti-social behaviour.

New Road (116/2021)

Nationalities eligible to vote in the UK

A list of nationalities eligible to vote in the UK.

Northumberland Road (TTRO 132/2021)

Northern Parade (TTRO 3/2022)

Northern Parade (TTRO 11/2022)

Northern Parade (TTRO 21/2022)

Norway Road (TTRO 62/2022)

Norway Road (TTRO 69/2022)

Northern Parade (TTRO 71/2022)

Northern Road (TTRO 78/2022)

Northern Road (TTRO 82/2022)

Norway Road (TTRO 140/2022) - Cancelled - works taking place under 147/2022

Norway Road (TTRO 147/2022)

Northumberland Road (TTRO 151/2022)

Nessus Street (TTRO 164/2022)

Northwood Road (TTRO 173/2022)

Nutfield Place (TTRO 19/2023)

New Road (TTRO 51/2023)

Nutbourne Road (TTRO 89/2023)

Nutbourne Road (TTRO 107/2023)

Northern Road Footbridge (TTRO 129/2023)

Noise from pubs, clubs and commercial premises for license holders

This information is for those running a commercial business that may generate noise, with guidance on preventing complaints

Nessus Street (TTRO 163/2023)

Newbolt Road (TTRO 167/2023)

Notice of intended disposal - King George V Playing Fields

On this page you'll find the notice about works that will be done on King George V Playing Fields and a map of the area affected.

New Road (TTRO 227/2023)

Northarbour Road (TTRO 293/2023)

North End Avenue (TTRO 304/2023)

NHS Cancer Bus-ting (TTO 323/2023)

New Road (TTRO 24/2024)

Northarbour Road (TTRO 27/2024)

Northern Parade Family Hub

On this page you'll find information about Northern Parade Family Hub, including its location, contact person and events and activities.

Network North road resurfacing fund

The Department for Transport (DfT) has granted additional funds to Portsmouth City Council from the Road Resurfacing Fund for 2023/2024 financial year.

New Road (TTRO 51/2024)