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Non-domestic rates general explanatory notes

Information about non-domestic business rates.

Neighbourhood Forums

How neighbourhood forums work and when they meet

Neighbourhood Watch Association

Neighbourhood watch contact and recruitment information

Neighbourhood plans

Information on neighbourhood planning, enabling communities to make decisions on their areas.

New local plan evidence

This page sets out the emerging evidence base for a new local plan being prepared for the city. It will be updated as and when new evidence is available.

Nitrate mitigation strategy

An Interim Nutrient Neutral Mitigation Strategy was approved by the Council on 29 November 2019.

No cold calling zones

Information on the roads and blocks which are no cold calling zones.

Noise pollution

Information on our approach to nuisance noise.

NHS health checks

Information on obtaining your free NHS Health Check.

New LED street lighting

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are replacing around 15,000 street lights in Portsmouth with new energy-efficient LED lighting technology.

National assistance burials

Process followed by the council for those who die with no relatives or friends.

Newly qualified and supply teachers and application forms for all schools jobs

Details about newly qualified teacher (NQT) and supply teaching in Portsmouth schools, including application forms.

National Fraud Initiative

How the council meets its legal obligations around data matching, including working with the Audit Commission as part of the National Fraud Initiative.

New homes on records office site - what people told us

We have compiled your feedback about taking down the derelict records office and replacing it with new homes.

Non domestic rates properties