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Money advice

If you have money worries, find out what free help is available face-to-face, online and by phone.

Market stalls and concessional pitches

Details on how to arrange selling products on a market stall or concessional pitch.

Marine sector

Background and information on Portsmouth's marine industry.

My City Wi-Fi sites

A list of every site around Portsmouth offering a free My City Wi-Fi online connection.


Advice on what to do if you have mice, and contact information for our pest control team.


Our pest control team can help you deal with moths. Find out what we can do, and other useful tips for dealing with a moth infestation.

Mental capacity act guidance for professionals

Information on The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and how it relates to protecting those who may lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Moving to a care home

This page gives you information about moving to a care home, and the different types of care homes in Portsmouth.

Mental wellbeing

Information on services to help look after mental health.

Mental health advice for parents and carers

On this page you will find mental health information and support for parents and carers.

Mental health advice for professionals

On this page you will find mental health information and guidance for professionals. This includes businesses and those working with young people.

Mental health support for young people

On this page you will find mental health information and guidance for young people.

Maintaining and repairing your council property

Advice for council tenants about maintaining a council property.

Mobility scooter storage

Policy about how mobility scooters should be stored.

Mobile home parks

Portsmouth City Council own and manage two mobile home parks in Portsmouth.

Museums and memorials

On this page you will find links to information about city museums, monuments and memorials.

Monuments and memorials

Information and policy about Portsmouth's monuments and memorials

Memorial seats

How to apply for a memorial seat, bench or plaque.

Milton Common and Tamworth Field

Information about Milton Common and Tamworth Field.

Mobile library

Information and timetable for the new mobile library service.

Marriages and civil partnerships

Process, documents and fees needed for a civil marriage or partnership

Missing children guidance for professionals

This page offer guidance should a child go missing from Children's Social Services.

Mayoral record panels chain badge and the three maces

Information about the Lord Mayor's traditions, including the chain and badge and the three maces.

My Portsmouth updates

Get the latest news on the topics that matter most to you by signing up to My Portsmouth Updates.

Media centre

Information about Portsmouth City Council's media centre and press office opening times, contact number and email.

Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

Portsmouth City Council's modern slavery and human trafficking statement in full

Making a complaint about adult social care

How to complain about ASC services and how we handle complaints.

Major projects

Billions of pounds is being spent on development projects that will create the thousands of new homes and new jobs Portsmouth needs.

My Portsmouth app

The new version of the My Portsmouth App - which went live in November 2020 - allows you to report issues anonymously.

Members' allowances scheme 2020-2021

This page shows information about the members allowances scheme 2020-2021.

Magdalen Road (TTRO 04/2021)

MG - Festing Grove - parking zone information

MF - Craneswater - parking zone information

ME - Haslemere Road - parking zone information

MD - Kings Area - parking zone information

MC – Bramble Road - parking zone information

MB – Orchard Road - parking zone information

MA – Beatrice Rd and Leopold Street - parking zone information

Mayfield All through School - Admissions Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2022-23 for Mayfield All through School

MH - Westfield Road - parking zone information

MI - Middlesex Road - parking zone information

My Future in Portsmouth

Mile End Road (TTRO 53/2021)

Milton Lane (TTRO 57/2021)

Motorcycle parking

Mile End Road (TTRO 79/2021)

Mayfield Road (TTRO 82/2021)

Milton Road (TTRO 88/2021)

Milton Road - Side Roads (TTRO 89/2021)

Mayfield admissions policy 2020-21

Museum Road (TTRO 115/2021)

Monitoring charges for S106 agreements

Information about monitoring charges for S106 agreements.

Means Test for Disabled Facilities Grants

The Means Test for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG's) is a financial assessment of yourself and your partner, if you have one. The means test will look at your income and savings and calculate whether or not you may need to contribute towards the grant.

Mayfield Road (118/2021)

Members allowances and expenses 2018 - 2019

Details of Members Pay and Allowances paid in 2018/2019. This data includes payments made directly to Councillors and those made on behalf of those Councillors by Officers.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Mobility scooter storage policy

This policy aims to provide guidance on the use and storage of mobility scooters and promote responsible scooter ownership.

Market rents

Moneyfield Avenue (TTRO 130/2021)