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Industrial developments

Information on the development of industrial sites across the city.

Intellectual property office

Learn more about intellectual property and how to protect your IP rights.

International trade

Available sources of support for expanding your business beyond the UK.

Immunisations and vaccinations

Information on vaccinations and immunisations available.

If you become homeless

Information and advice if you are homeless or about to lose your home.

Ideas for saving energy at home

Portsmouth City Council has put together some ideas to help you save energy in your home and reduce your fuel bills, as well as helping the environment.

In-year applications

For children changing schools at any time

Infant, junior and primary school information

Information and catchment areas for Infant, junior and primary schools.

Information for businesses

Guidance and support for businesses following the UK exiting the EU

Information for EU citizens living in the UK

Advice and guidance for EU citizens following the UK exiting the EU

Integrated Impact Assessments (IIA)

Information about and copies of the council's Integrated Impact Assessments or IIAs.

Insurance policy details

Information for solicitors about the council's insurance policy details.

Invest Portsmouth

Find out more about our great waterfront city and why it is the place to invest, learn, live, work and visit.

Isambard Brunel Road (TTRO 68/2020)

Information on Delayed Entry for summer born children

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019/20

View our Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019/20 .

Information for Parents and Carers

Infant admissions policy community schools 2020-21

Inclusion Support Panel

This guidance is for parents whose child has been referred to the Inclusion Support Panel, either at the request of the current school or following an in-year application where information from previous school indicated that the pupil may need additional support going into a new school because of difficulties experienced in education.

Index of deleted policies

The tables shows which policies in the Portsmouth City Local Plan have been deleted

Infant admissions policy - community schools 2021-22

This policy will apply to all admissions for the academic year 2021/22 including in-year applications.

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020/21

View our Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020/21

International Women’s Day 2022

This International Women’s Day (8 March) the focus is on what we can all do, collectively, to break the bias and create a more equal world..

Ironbridge Lane (TTRO 55/2022)

Improving your city

Our major projects and neighbourhood projects play a big role in strengthening our communities, driving growth and prosperity, celebrating our skills and heritage, and tackling health, social and economic inequalities in our city.

Independent visitor service

We are looking for people to volunteer as an Independent Visitor (IV). An IV is a volunteer that provides a long-term supportive relationship to a young person (aged between 5 and 18 years) who is looked after in care.

Infrastructure Funding Statement 2021/22

This provides information on the contributions from developers for the provision of infrastructure to support development in Portsmouth.