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Find contract opportunities using InTend

A guide to In-Tend, the e-sourcing system used by the council to manage all tender opportunities.


Details on how Portsmouth has achieved recognition as a Fairtrade City.

Freedom of Information advice for contractors

How Freedom of Information (FoI) applies to some private companies that perform public functions.

Filming in Portsmouth

Information about Portsmouth's locations and filming policy.

Flagship magazine

Flagship magazine is the free publication distributed to Portsmouth residents.

Fixed Penalty Notices

Information about different types of fixed penalty notices that can be issued by council officers.


Advice on dealing with flea infestations and contact details for our pest control team


Information on urban foxes and how to discourage them.


How Portsmouth City Council is prepared to respond to the risk of flooding at all times.

Flood protection policies

How Portsmouth City Council's overall aim is to reduce the risks to people and property from flooding including several assessments, listed

Food safety

How our environmental health team enforces food safety and supports businesses to maintain satisfactory food standards.

Funded nursing care

Information on costs associated with nursing care.

Family hubs

Information about family hubs and support for parents of children under five.

Family information

Information, advice and guidance for families and professionals working with families - or search our database for childcare and other services.

Family support

Useful information for parents, carers and professionals


Portsmouth City Council needs more foster carers to provide homes for Portsmouth children from babies through to teenagers.

Food and weight - adults, older adults

Help with eating a varied, balanced diet and taking regular exercise to support long-term health

Food health and weight

Links to pages which give help and guidance on living a healthy lifestyle.

Food weight - babies, early years

Support to help children adopt positive eating and activity behaviours.

Food weight - children, young people

Information on supplying a varied diet to help your child grow and develop.

Finding a privately rented home

For most people looking for a new home in Portsmouth, the private rent sector is the quickest solution.

Fire safety information for the public

Information about fire prevention in your home and what to do in an emergency

Fort Cumberland open space

Find out about Fort Cumberland open space and what it has to offer.

Free swimming scheme

Find out about free swimming for Portsmouth residents and whether you qualify.

Find out what you can recycle at home

Find out what items you can recycle at home

Find your nearest recycling point

Find out which recycling points are closest to you

Food waste trial

We want to trial food waste collections in certain areas of the city to reduce the amount of waste sent for incineration, and to help make Portsmouth a greener city.

Finding childcare

Information on finding the right childcare for you and your children.

Fees and Charging Policy amended March 2010

This is about the fees that could be applicable when requesting information under the Freedom of information Act and the Environmental information regulations

Freedom of Information

This describes the Freedom of information Act 2000, the Data protection act and personal information. This also lists the exception of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Freedom of the city keys of the city

The history of keys to the city and freedom of the city in Portsmouth, including lists of past recipients.

Frequently asked questions for parents during coronavirus

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from Portsmouth parents about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on school, family and childcare.