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Extended housing benefit payments

This page tells you about extended housing benefit payments. It tells you who might qualify for payments, and how to apply.

Employment and skills

The employment and skills team supports individuals and local business through a range of targeted programmes.

Employment learning and skills

We are committed to the development and learning of Portsmouth residents and people from the surrounding areas.

Equality and diversity

Explanation of the terms and the council's strategy and action plan

Environmental health

Report environmental health issues to the council, including noise, pests, food safety, fly-tipping and all other street issues in Portsmouth.

Eastney Beach draft SPD

Information on the current Eastney Beach draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Emergency planning

How the council plans for civil contingency in an emergency.


Planning for an emergency involving leaving your home

Early help and prevention service

Information about what help is available and who to contact

Early help and prevention service for professionals

Information about making a referral and other resources

Exchanging a council property

Information and advice about exchanging your council property

Energy and water at home strategy

Energy saving in the home

For information on energy saving in the home and greener living.

Eastney beach flora and fauna

Find out about nationally rare species of plants on Eastney Beach.

Electric charge points

Details on electric vehicle charge points in Portsmouth

Electric charge points FAQs

This page answers the most common questions about new on-street charge points.

Early years and childcare

Quick links for parents and childcare professionals

Early education funding and processes

Guidance about providing early education funding and childcare entitlement for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds

Early years support services

The Early Years and Childcare Team provide information, advice, training and documentation to support the quality of leadership and practice in your setting.

Early education funding for 2-year-olds

Information about who is eligible for 2-year-old funding and how do you can apply

Early education funding for 3-and-4-year-olds

Information about 15 and 30 hours early education funding, including who is eligible and how you can apply

Early Years Traded Services

The Services Network is the system used to book training courses and workshops, request support visits, and access both free and package-only support services.

Education improvement

Information about education improvement in the city.

Educating your child at home

Guidelines and information for education children at home.

Exiting the EU

Plans are in place to ensure the smooth running of operations after 1 January 2021

Economic development and regeneration strategy

People in Portsmouth are being asked for their views on a plan to bring jobs and prosperity to the city.

Empty Private Residential Properties

The problems empty properties cause and the help available to owners.

Equality law and its significance for the council

Details and information about how the council complies with equality legislation.

Environmental Information Regulations

Where a request for Environmental information it should be dealt with under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) - not Freedom of Information (FoI).

Exemptions summary for Freedom of Information

If people request information under the Freedom of Information (FOI) there are a number of exemptions that permit public authorities to withhold some or all of the information requested

Electoral areas in Portsmouth

Information on Portsmouth's polling districts, wards and constituencies.


It's against the law to use a privately-owned e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, it's legal to use them on private land.

Eastern Road Coastal Path (TTRO 71/2020)

Evelegh Road (TTRO 40/2020)

Elm Grove (TTRO 111/2020)

Elective Home Education - guidance

Information and guidance for parents about Elective Home Education.

Education privacy notice

External partners register for data sharing agreements privacy notice

Email security

Portsmouth City Council has updated its email security to better protect its data and that of residents, customers and partners.

Electoral Services Privacy Notice

This page outlines what information is collected by our electoral services, why they collect it, how it's used and kept secure, and more.

Elective Home Education - Privacy Notice

This privacy notice tells you about how Portsmouth City Council collects and uses personal information in relation to pupils educated at home.

Early Years settings - coronavirus information

Coronavirus information about early years settings in Portsmouth.

Emergency asthma admissions of people under 25 years old

Emergency asthma hospital admissions of people under 25 years old, by Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs). April 2015 to March 2020 (five years pooled).

Early Years Panel description

This page sets out what the Early Years Panel does and what aims they co-ordinate and support.

Eastern Road (TTRO 56/2021)

Executive Procedure Rules

This page outlines the responsibility and role of the Executive, how they are appointed, information about meetings and more.

Explanation of pay bands

The council’s expenses policy applies to all staff regardless of salary and covers things such as reimbursement for travel expenses.

Elective Home Education FAQ

Elective home education FAQ

Event sponsorship

Early Year Pupil Premium and Disability Access Fund

Early Year Pupil Premium and Disability Access Fund

Enforcement policy

Portsmouth City Council Enforcement Officers Animal health and welfare enforcement-policy

Eastney Road (TTRO 125/2021)

Eastern Road Footpath (TTRO 134/2021)

Eating difficulties – guidance for 11-16 year olds

Events cancelled as mark of respect

Edinburgh House

Estella Road (TTRO/199)

Energy and bills

Make sure you’re not paying more than you need to on bills and everyday costs, like gas, electricity and daily essentials.

Eastney Road - Reginald Road (TTRO 217/2022)

Equipment to help at home

This page lists equipment that helps keep you independent. It gives you advice on how to get hold of equipment.

Eastern Road Access Road (TTRO 50/2023)

Elphinstone Road (TTRO 69/2023)

East Surrey Street (TTRO 73/2023)

Eastern Road Access Road (TTRO 80/2023)

Evelegh Road (TTRO 104/2023)

Eden Street (TTRO 131/2023)

East Surrey Street (TTRO 133/2023)

Estella Road (TTRO 162/2023)

Ebery Grove (TTRO 176/2023)