Discretionary housing payments

This page tells you about the discretionary housing payment scheme, who could be eligible, and what will happen once you've applied.

Development and planning

Links to popular development and planning tasks and information.

Developing affordable housing

Development of quality affordable housing to create a balanced housing market for all sections of the community.

Developing contaminated land

Guidance regarding the development of contaminated land.

Dog fouling

Information on measures taken to prevent dog fouling and how to report it.

Domestic and sexual abuse

Find local support for domestic and sexual abuse issues.

Drug and alcohol support service (DASS)

The Drug and Alcohol Support Service (DASS) works with young people under 25 in Portsmouth who are using substances.


Information on the council's campaign to increase the number of public access defibrillators in Portsmouth.

Different types of health screening

There are many different types of health screening - we've detailed the common types here.

Drug and substance misuse

Information on help available to support recovery from drug problems.

Disabled facilities grant

Help is available to adapt your home, to improve the safety of your home as well as your independence and quality of life.


On this page you will find links to our information about dogs in Portsmouth.

Dog control orders

Information about dog control orders

Disabled parking bays

Information about how to apply for a disabled parking bay in Portsmouth, who is eligible, and frequently asked questions about disabled parking bays.

Disabled persons bus pass

Information about disabled bus passes in Portsmouth, including how to apply for or renew a pass, what to do if your pass is lost or expired, and what proof of eligibility you will need.

Dementia Action Plan

Details about our dementia action plan, setting out our approach to ensuring those with dementia get early diagnosis, easy access to information, and the right support.


A description of the disclaimer policy and also the privacy policy

Data Protection privacy notice

Information about our data protection policy.

D-Day plaques

As part of the D-Day 75 commemorations, the council created plaques to honour the 119 men from the city who died between the invasion of France and the end of the Battle of Normandy.

Derelict former utility store in Portsmouth Museum grounds

We have compiled your feedback about taking down the derelict records office and replacing it with new homes.

Doyle Avenue (97/2020)

Dugald Drummond Street (101/2020)

Director of Regeneration

Director of Regeneration responsibilities.

Doyle Avenue (TTRO 107/2020)

Demographic analysis

Dundas Lane (TTRO 27/2021)

Dugald Drummond Street (TTRO 34/2021)

Delegation of decision making to officers

Section 5B of the council's constitution - scheme of delegation to officers.

Don't be a din - put it in the bin!

We generally avoid name-calling. But in this case it’s justified. If you’re leaving your rubbish in our city’s open spaces you’re a bit of a din.

Devonshire Avenue (TTRO 101/2021)

Disproportionate burden for accessibility

Disproportionate burden assessment - New local plan evidence

Dog control orders - formal notice

Portsmouth City Council has made the following dog control orders under Section 55 (1) of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005

Drug screening requirements

Notes of guidance for applicants and licence holders.

Discretionary housing payment policy

Discretionary housing payment policy Revenues & Benefits

Decision making - purpose and content

One of the primary purposes of the Constitution is to make it clear where responsibility for particular functions lies and which person or body (council or committee, cabinet) makes the decision.

Directive - use of electronic communications for benefit claims

Use of electronic communications for benefit claims directive by Portsmouth City Council.

Damp, mould and condensation

Lots of homes in the UK suffer from condensation, damp and mould, especially in the winter.

Dugald Drummond Street (TTRO 5/2022)

Difficulties with managing emotions – guidance for 5-10 year olds

Difficulties with managing emotions guidance for 5 to 10 year olds

Difficulties with managing emotions – guidance for 11-16 year olds

We are all different so some people find it easier than others to regulate their emotions. At times everyone struggles to manage their emotions.

Dorking Crescent (TTRO 15/2022)

Dugald Drummond Street (TTRO 37/2022)

Dugald Drummond Street (95/2022)

Dunbar Road (TTRO 110/2022)

Duisburg Way (TTRO 163/2022)

Dugald Drummond Street (TTRO 175/2022)

Drayton Lane (TTRO 179/2022)

Doyle Ave

Doyle Avenue is an all-electric development of 17 new homes. It is the most energy efficient housing project the council has constructed.

Dunbar Road (TTRO 213/2022)

Dover Road (TTRO 222/2022)

Dorking Crescent (TTRO 6/2023)

Doyle Avenue Accessway (TTRO 7/2023)

Duncan Road (TTRO 16/2023)

Drayton Road (TTRO 18/2023)

Day services

Day services offer activities, personal care, and the chance to meet new people. We commission day services in the city and provide two day services.

Dormington Road (TTRO 52/2023)

Duisburg Way (TTRO 105/2023)

Dorking Crescent (TTRO 128/2023)

Disproportionate burden assessment - St James public inquiry

204 documents were published on a newly-created page about the St James public inquiry on 30 May 2023. These were all published as inaccessible PDFs.

Dorking Crescent (TTRO 249/2023)

Drug dealing

If you witness drug dealing in Portsmouth, you can call 101 to report it to Hampshire Police or give information anonymously to CrimeStoppers

Draft Local Validation checklist for Planning Applications

Dorothy Dymond Street (TTRO 149/2023)

Dorking Crescent (TTRO 7/2024)

Duke Crescent (TTRO 11/2024)

DASS - information for professionals

On this page you will find information about the Drug and Alcohol Support Service (DASS) for professionals, including training and referrals.

Draft Water Safety Management policy

On this page you'll find links to the draft water safety management policy as well as accompanying documents.

Dealing with nuisance

On this page you will find information about dealing with nuisance privately if the council can't take action.

Delamere Road (TTRO 39/2024)

Duisburg Way (TTRO 32/2024)

D-Day 80 (TTRO 69/2024)

D-Day 80 (TTRO 70/2024)

Dickens Close (TTRO 67/2024)