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Council Tax Support Scheme

Find out if you are eligible to apply for a Council Tax reduction.

Corporate assets

Contact details for all corporate assets issues including buying and renting properties.

Cosham shopping centre

Information and support for retail businesses in Cosham.

Creative industries

An introduction to the creative industries in Portsmouth.

Contract opportunities with us

Information and advice below on the council's procurement process.

Children in employment

Guidance on the issues and requirements regarding children in work.

Children in entertainment

Guidance on the issues and requirements regarding children participating in entertainment.

Community right to challenge

Information on the right to challenge, which makes it easier for voluntary, community or council staff groups to bid to run council services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Information for businesses regarding their social and environmental obligations.

Conference and meeting room venues

Advice on where you can hold conferences, meetings and corporate events in Portsmouth.


Community centres

Useful information about community centres in Portsmouth.

Community Connectors

Want to get out in the community but lack the confidence to do so? The Community Connectors could help.

Community ownership

Programme for partner organisations to develop voluntary opportunities

Community Wardens

Portsmouth City Council Community Wardens work to help keep the city safe, clean and tidy, while providing support and advice when needed.

Council Tax

Set up a Direct Debit, make a Council Tax payment or find out more information about your bill, such as your property band.

Council Tax - changes you need to tell us

Tell us about changes in your circumstances.

Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Details about who qualifies for council tax discounts and what those discounts are

Council Tax - Houses in Multiple Occupation

Council tax advice for property owners, landlords and tenants for houses in multiple occupation

Council Tax - landlord's Frequently Asked Questions

Information for landlords about who in your property pays council tax

Council Tax bands

This page gives you information about Council Tax bands. It explains how they are calculated, and tells you how much you'll need to pay.

Council Tax - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Council Tax

Council Tax reminder, summons and court proceedings

What we can do to help you manage your council tax payments

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

On this page you will find links to information about the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Community Infrastructure Levy - charges

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) applies to all development permitted after 1 April 2012.

Community Infrastructure Levy - existing building discount

Your Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charge may be reduced if your site includes buildings that are to be demolished as part of your development

Community Infrastructure Levy - forms and process

This page gives you information about the forms and process involved with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Community Infrastructure Levy - general consent

Where planning permission is granted for development, the developer or landowner should submit a Notice of Chargeable Development.

Community Infrastructure Levy - general information

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows local authorities to raise funds from developers who are undertaking new building projects in their area.

Community Infrastructure Levy - payment and appeals

If the correct procedures are followed, payment can be made in instalments as set out within our published Instalments Policy.

Community Infrastructure Levy - penalties and surcharges

Part 9 of the CIL Regulations provide for a range of proportionate enforcement measures to penalise non-compliance with the CIL process.

Community Infrastructure Levy - relief and exemptions

The CIL Regulations make a number of provisions for charging authorities to give relief or grant exemptions from the levy.

Community Infrastructure Levy - spend and receipts

80% of total Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts are allocated to be spent on strategic infrastructure to support the development of the City.

Changes to permitted development rights for household extensions

Information on temporary relaxations in planning procedures.

Changes to planning procedures in relation to demolition

Updated information if you are seeking approval for the demolition of a building.

CIL examination

Information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule.

City Centre Masterplan

Information on the city centre masterplan, setting out regeneration of key areas in Portsmouth.

Community Right to Bid

Information on the Community Right to Bid, which enables communities to 'stop the clock' on the sale of valued community assets.

Conservation areas

Information on conservation areas with special architectural or historic interest.

Climate action

View council plans on climate action and what you can do to help

Council projects targeting climate change

A list of projects being undertaken by the council to tackle climate change

Crime and nuisance

This page has links to crime and nuisance information where there is council support available.

Carpet beetles

Advice on dealing with carpet beetles and contact details for our pest control team


Advice for dealing with cockroaches and contact details for our pest control team

Coastal defence management

Information on the overarching vision of the ESCP initiative to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion.

Community safety

Links to community safety services and information on CCTV.

Coastal flooding

Portsmouth may be susceptible to coastal flooding, but it is relatively easy to predict.

Care act

Information about changes to Adult Social Care services due to the Care Act.

Care at home

This page tells you about how you can get care at home, who can get help, what carers will do, and other ways of being supported.

Caring works - careers in adult and children's social care

Introduction to careers in social care, and information about the Care Ambassadors social care role model scheme.

Community equipment services information for professionals

Information for professionals on community equipment services.


Information for carers on how to access help and support

Carer self-assessment

Information on the self-assessment process for carers.

Carers FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions and myths surrounding caring

Carers information for professionals

Information for professionals on referring and supporting carers

Carers strategy

Introduction to Portsmouth's carers strategy.

Children and families

On this page you will find links for support around children's safety and family environment.

Council tenants and leaseholders

On this page you will find links to all information for council tenants and leaseholders on our website.

Council tenancy, rent and eviction

Information about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

City of Portsmouth Sports Council

Find out about the City of Portsmouth Sports Council.

Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle collections

Find out about collections on offer at Portsmouth History Centre.

Computers, the internet and IT training

Useful information about computer facilities offered at libraries.

Club gaming and club machine permits

Information on the permits required for gaming and gaming machines in clubs.

Club premises certificates

Licensing information about the application process and regulation of club premises certificates.

Car parks

Information on Portsmouth City Council car parks including how to pay for parking.

Challenging a penalty charge notice

Challenging a penalty charge notice.

Child car seats

Useful Information on using child car seats

Cleaner, greener and safer - our transport vision for Portsmouth

On this page you will find out what we are doing to make the city cleaner, greener and safer.

Companion bus passes

This page tells you who can use a companion pass, and how to get in touch with us to request one.

Cycle security

Information on how to keep your bike safe.

Cycling around Portsmouth

Information on safe cycling in Portsmouth including bike maintenance, and information on the inclusive Wheels for All project.

Cycling hints and tips

Ideas and tips to improve the relationship between cyclists and other road traffic users.

Citizenship, naming and vow renewal ceremonies

Information about naming, citizenship and vow renewal services available at Portsmouth register office.

Civil ceremonies - approved Portsmouth venues

A list of venues and locations in Portsmouth licensed for civil ceremonies.

Childcare vacancies in Portsmouth

A list of current childcare job vacancies in Portsmouth.

Community learning

Find out more about the courses on offer at the Learning Place.

Civic Offices

Portsmouth civic offices address, opening times and disabled access information.

Contact us

Opening times and contact details for key council teams, services and area housing offices.

Community asset transfer policy

Information about community right to buy, and the council's community asset transfer policy.


Information on the council constitution, which sets out how we operate, as well as ensure we're transparent and accountable.

Contaminated land

Information about our contaminated land strategy, which sets out how the council meets its legal obligations around contaminated land, including inspecting, consulting and taking enforcement action.

Cookie and privacy policy

This gives information on the council's cookie policy.

Corporate retention schedule

Our corporate retention schedule tells you how long we keep the records we work with, what we do with them at the end of that time, and the reasons why we do those things.

Council Forward Plan

Matters the Council are considering over the coming months.

Creating sustainable communities

Details about the ways we help create and support sustainable homes and communities, including our greener homes strategy.

Councillor allowances and expenses

Information about your local councillors and MPs.

City of Portsmouth geographical area

Figures associated with the geographical area of Portsmouth, and the sea areas in Portsmouth and Langstone harbours.

Complaining about a councillor

How to make a complaint about a councillor, including the councillors' code of conduct.


What to do if you want to compliment or complain about the council or one of its services, or simply leave us a comment.

Council and democracy

Information on the council and councillors, council meetings, our policies and strategies, voting and elections, job opportunities and more.

Coronavirus survey

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page gives you the latest information about Portsmouth City Council services affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Care homes - coronavirus information

As care and nursing homes are a vital part of the frontline response to coronavirus, we need to continue to care for people with symptoms safely.

Chop, cook, chat

The Independence and Wellbeing team in Portsmouth runs a number of cookery groups for residents. Watch video tutorials on how to cook some tasty recipes.

Council Tax - coronavirus information

Information about Council Tax during the coronavirus pandemic. Let us know how your situation has been affected and how you would like us to help you.

Cambridge Road (TTRO 23/2020)

Details of the traffic regulation order for Cambridge Road (TTRO 23), including the reason, duration and location of the order.

Canal Walk (TTRO 08/2020)

Details of the traffic regulation order for Canal Walk (TTRO 08), including the reason, duration and location of the order.

Canal Walk (TTRO 26/2020)

Canal Walk (TTRO 84/2020)

Charlotte Street (TTRO 66/2020)

Coburg Street (TTRO 88/2020)

Cow Lane - Old Wymering Lane (TTRO 05/2020)

Clarkes Road Footbridge (TTRO 11/2020)

Council services - coronavirus information

Information about how council services are affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including Council Tax, recycling and rubbish collections and more.

Clarkes Road Footbridge (TTRO 33/2020)

Carers support groups in Portsmouth

Information about carers support groups in Portsmouth.

COVID-19 Test and Trace Data - Privacy notice

Portsmouth City Council Privacy Notice about COVID-19 Test and Trace Data

Council service updates

View the latest updates on which services are operating during the coronavirus outbreak, including updated information for key council services.

City of Portsmouth - Street Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Partnership Strategy 2018 – 2020

Information about the Street Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Partnership Strategy 2018 – 2020 for Portsmouth.

Cow lane (TTRO 112/2020)

Cabinet portfolio responsibilities

A list of cabinet portfolio responsibilities.

Cow Lane (114/2020)

Clement Attlee Way (TTRO 115/2020)

Community youth play services - privacy notice

Christmas Support Payment for Wet-Led Pubs (Closed)

Information about Christmas Support Payment for Wet-Led pubs and how to apply.

Coronavirus vaccinations

Following extensive trials, we have safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19 available. Getting vaccinated will protect people and save thousands of lives.

Council tax changes

Portsmouth City Council Budget Consultation Report 2021-2022 - Council Tax.

Carlisle Road (TTRO 26/2021)

Coronavirus testing for businesses

NHS Test and Trace is making rapid turnaround testing – also known as lateral flow antigen testing – available alongside standard lab-based PCR tests.

COVID-19 asymptomatic community testing in Portsmouth

We are now offering asymptomatic community testing. This is for critical workers who can't work from home and have contact with other people during work. 

Co-ordinated Scheme - Junior Transfer Admissions 2022/23

Co-ordinated Scheme - Secondary Transfer Admissions 2022-23

Co-ordinated Scheme - Starting School Admissions 2022/23

Community Infant Schools - Admissions Policy 2022-23

Admission policy for Community Infant Schools 2022-23.

Community Junior Schools - Admissions Policy 2022-23

Admission Policy 2022-23 for Community Junior Schools in Portsmouth.

Council Tax Guide 2021-22

A guide to Council Tax for 2021/22

Castle Road (TTRO 45/2021)

City council election results - May 2021

Find the results for your ward for the Local Elections 2021.

Community Independence Service

Cambridge Road (TTRO 59/2021)

Copnor Road (65/2021)

Colas maintenance of on-street trees

Council Tax - policy for second homes, long-term empty properties and discounts

Community Infrastructure Levy - charging schedule

Copnor Road (90/2021)

CIL Transformation Fund

Concessionary travel pass - terms and conditions

Clarendon Road (TTRO 98/2021)

Commemorative certificates

Clean Air Zone (CAZ) privacy notice

Clarendon Road (95/2021)

Conditions of licence for private hire drivers

This page lists licence conditions for private hire drivers in Portsmouth.

Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a listed building - checklist

This page explains what should be included with applications for Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a listed building.

Consent to display an advertisement(s) - checklist

This page shows checklist of documents needed for application for consent to display advertisements.

Council tax support scheme - exceptional hardship policy

An Exceptional Hardship Fund (EHF) has been set up by the Council to assist applicants for Council Tax Support who are facing ‘exceptional hardship’.

Cost for a new mandatory HMO licence – 2018

Information about the cost for a new mandatory licence for houses with multiple occupation.

City Fibre - Eastney (TTRO 112/2021)

Colwell Road (TTRO 110/2021)

COVID-19 vaccinations in schools

The Government has announced that people aged 12 to 15 in England will be offered one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Chapter 12 - Officers

Portsmouth City Council Constitution chapter 12 Officers

Chapter 1 - Summary and Explanation of the Constitution

Portsmouth City Council Constitution Chapter 1 - Summary and Explanation of the Constitution

Chapter 2 - Members of the Council

Portsmouth City Council Constitution Chapter 2 - Members of the Council

Chapter 4 - Role of the City Council

Portsmouth City Council Constitution Chapter 4 - Role of the City Council

Chapter 6 - Scrutiny

Portsmouth City Council Constitution Chapter 6 - Scrutiny

Chapter 13 - Decision Making

Portsmouth City Council Constitution Chapter 13 - Decision Making

Cottage Grove (TTRO 122/2021)

Chapter 14 - Legal, Financial and Contract Matters

Portsmouth City Council Constitution Chapter 14 - Legal, Financial and Contract Matters

Conditions regulating street entertainment in Portsmouth

Clarification of stretched funded places

Clarification of stretched funded places. Guidance about providing early education funding and childcare entitlement.

Corporate complaints policy

Corporate complaints policy

Council species list - Eastney Beach

This page shows a list of flora species located at Eastney beach and their more common names.