Benefits and support

Links to information about receiving benefits and help with your finances.

Benefit fraud

Information about the type of action the council takes against benefit fraud in the city.

Benefits and support - changes in circumstances

Information on how housing benefit is affected if you move house, your rent goes up or other circumstances change.

Benefits calculators

Information and links to help you find out what you may be entitled to.


Find information about running a business in Portsmouth, contract opportunities with the council and paying business rates.

Business and commercial property locations

Find information about business locations, properties, market stalls and concessionary pitches in Portsmouth

Business enterprise centres

For more information about each centre, including available units, visit the Portsmouth Enterprise Centres website.

Business premises

Help to find a building, office or location for your business.

Business and commercial properties for rent or sale

Information on commercial properties available to rent or buy from the council.

Business sectors

This page pulls together information that is relevant to company size and specific industry sectors in the city.

Business with the council

On this page you will find different ways of doing business with the council, including advertising and graphic design services.

Big Screen Portsmouth

Portsmouth's Big Screen shows community-led content highlighting the city and surrounding areas. Find out how to feature or advertise.

Bye laws - child employment

Guidance on the legislation and bye-laws regarding children in work.

Business continuity - in an emergency

Emergency continuity advice for local businesses.

Business rates

Information on business rates, sometimes known as non-domestic rates.

Business rates FOI requests

Read the details of Portsmouth City Council's previous freedom of information (FOI) requests about non-domestic rates.


On this page you will find links to all the building service pages on our website.

Building control services

Information on how the building control service regulations ensures work is completed within building regulations.

Building control - starting work and site inspections

Information regarding site inspections prior to building work commencement.

Brownfield land register

The purpose of the register is to provide house builders with up to date information on sites that are available for housing.

Bed Bugs

Information on bed bug treatment and contact details for our pest control service

Bees and swarms

Information on bees and answers to your questions on them.

Burst water mains

Portsmouth Water supplies water to the city, and is responsible for all pipework up to and including the stopcock.

Behaviour management

Information on behaviour management resources and services.

Being a parent

Information on the support available to you before and after your child arrives.

Benefits and entitlements

Financial help for families

Buying a council property

Information and advice about buying your home

Beaches and seafront

Facilities available on and near Portsmouth seafront, including information about beach and water safety.

Baffins Pond and Tangier Field

Information about Baffins Pond and Tangier Field.

BMX and skate facilities

A list of BMX and skate facilities in the city.

Business permits

Business permits are available for the purpose of paying non-domestic rates at a postal address within a resident parking zone.

Bus lane enforcement

Information about what happens if you're caught driving in a bus lane by enforcement cameras.

Business waste

Guidance and advice on business waste in the city of Portsmouth.

Becoming a childminder

Information about registering as a childminder, and support through the process

Beware of lurking trolls!

Important information about keeping children safe online.

Blue plaques

Information on English Heritage blue plaques in Portsmouth.

Blue badges

You can apply for or renew a Blue Badge online. On this page, find information about applying, hidden disabilities, renewing your badge and FAQs.

Budget consultation research 2021-22

An online questionnaire was developed and launched week beginning 8 December 2020 which ran for three weeks and closed on 28 December 2020.

BF – Park Lane - parking zone information

Information about the BF (Park Lane) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

BE – Portsmouth Road - parking zone information

Information about the BE (Portsmouth Road) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

BD – Windsor Road - parking zone information

Information about the BD (Windsor Road) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

BC – East Cosham - parking zone information

Information about the BC (East Cosham) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

BB – The Heights - parking zone information

Information about the BB (The Heights) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

BA – Park Grove - parking zone information

Information about the BA (Park Grove) parking zone, including a map of roads included and details of the restrictions.

Bransbury Park

Leisure and sports consultation results - Bransbury Park

Business support

Portsmouth City Council has a dedicated business team to help you find support to help get your business started, grow and develop.

Boundary Way (TTRO 62/2021)

Bush Street East (TTRO 67/2021)

Bin collection and storage facilities - a guide for property developers

Bramble Infant School and Nursery - School Street (TTRO 71/2021)

Beaulieu Road (TTRO 92/2021)

Bush Street East (TTRO 99/2021)

Battenburg Avenue (TTRO 121/2021)

Bus lane enforcement - Appendix A

Guidelines for the issue, enforcement and cancellation of Penalty Charge Notices by Portsmouth City Council for Bus Lane contraventions.

Beresford Road (TTRO 8/2022)

Baffins Road (TTRO 29/2022)

Browning Avenue (TTRO 75/2022)

Beechwood Road (94/2022)


This pages sets out what batteries can be recycled in Portsmouth, how to store and present them for collection.

Become a community champion volunteer

This page looks at the Portsmouth community champion programme which is looking for volunteers to support local communities.

Burrfields Road (TTRO 139/2022)

Bunting Gardens (Waterlooville)

We are proposing to build three new four-bedroom council houses in Bunting Gardens, Wecock Farm.

Business funding

On this page you will find different organisations that may be able to help with funding for your business in Portsmouth.

Business loans

On this page you will find information about loans that may be available to support your business in Portsmouth.

Business support services

A number of organisations can help you with business support services including developing your business case, financial planning and completing a successful application form to access funding.

Binsteed Road (TTRO 47/2023)

Bredenbury Crescent (TTRO 65/2023)

Bredenbury Crescent (TTRO 78/2023)

Balfour Road (TTRO 83/2023)

Blakemere Crescent (TTRO 94/2023)

Basin Street (TTRO 98/2023)

Beresford Road (TTRO 102/2023)

Bridport Street (TTRO 126/2023)

Bransbury Park leisure centre

Our plans to build a new leisure centre at Bransbury Park

Beaulieu Road (TTRO 146/2023)

Braintree Road (TTRO 177/2023)

Burleigh Road (TTRO 235/2023)

Buckland housing office

This page gives you details of Buckland housing office, including where it is and how to get in touch.

Berney Road (TTRO 313/2023)

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Buckland Family Hub

On this page you'll find information about Buckland Family Hub, including its location, main contact person and events and activities hosted.

Beresford Road (TTRO 46/2024)